Friday, December 21, 2012

Angel Entertain The Teachers

angels dancing during teachers day celebration...!!!

I was surprised when our schools division superintendent announced, that we the facilitative staff had to dance in the Teachers' Night to entertain the teacher. I was  afraid, don't know what to do specially that  I never dance in front of crowd. though I owe my knowledge to them I was agree.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Favorite Hotels

Connecticut Hotels are aplenty, and there are so many kinds of hotels in Connecticut, depending on location and accommodation, depending on the accessibility and of course, amenities. Why go to a hotel that will not give you great value for your money? Surely, it has to compensate for how much your wallet has splurged. Am I right? Now, I am pretty sure that anywhere you go, for as long as you have enjoyed your stay at a hotel, you will most likely recommend the said hotel to your friends and family, so that when the visit the same place, they will check in at the same hotel that gave you so much more than a home away from yours. Favorite hotels vary as people have different tastes, that is a known fact. But how does a hotel become one's favorite?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What a Wonderful View

This picture taken at the top of the Hibok Hibok Volcano. Over looking. is the 
fascinating view of sunken cemetery.

Me at the top of the Hibok Hibok Volcano.

Me with my boss at the top of the Hibok Hibok Volcano exploring the view of nature . 
So tired but its worth..!!!!

How I wished this memories could happen again, bonding with my office mate and my boss. It's really fun all our tiredness are gone, When we climbed a mountain by  a group. Talking together, laughing,  praising the view of nature. All this experienced was gone my boss is already in other place I just only remembering the past, her presence when she is in our place.

Friday, November 9, 2012

All Souls Day Bonding With My Cousin

overnight here....!!!


were sleeping here...!!!

my nieces and nephews...they think..its a playground.....!!!lol

my aunts and cousins..they watching the kids playing in front of them...!!!

I love to pose in front of the grave of my grandma...!!!

I loved all souls day in my country. The reason is there is no work because its holiday. So there are lot of fun, specially staying in the cemetery bonding with my cousin and I can relax too and not also that I can saw my nieces and nephews playing in the cemetery thinking its a playground. I saw there  eyes how happy they are, How I wish I could be like them also a child, don't care anybody else, all they want to do is playing until they are tired. That's a life of a child. In all souls day also we can reminizing  the memory of our love ones when they are alive. Their love and care. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Lanzones From Our Place

street dancing during Lanzones Festival 

almost ripe...

one of the dancers...during lanzones festival..!!!

amazing fruit...!!! sweet............hmmmmmmmm yummy...!!!

Last October our island celebrated  Lanzones festival again. This  happened in every year round on the month of October as the season also of Lanzones and lot of people visited in our place because of this celebration plenty of fun, new faces to meet and friends too. Wow... !!! I really praising God for the favor that I am part of this island, and for giving  a bountiful harvest. Try to visit in our place so that you can also experienced and taste our sweet lanzones. God bless you all....!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why We Hurt

so hurt....!!! crying in the corner....!!! 

the drama...!!!!

For how many years working here in my office. I had so many boss that encounter already that we might we call our mentor, our inspirations and sometimes we can be our mother when the time that I am in trouble. In short we can lean on in every problem that I have in life. That is our life here in our office, our second home, our second family, our best friend etc. Although the situation change in every five years we are used already when they are transferred in other division. But why when they are gone in our office we are all hurt? as in they  are part already in our life. That is why when the farewell party is already there. My tears flowing down in my face not only me but mostly of my office mate. So hurt it seems that we can see them anymore. But sometimes, I realized so funny also because we knew we can see them if there are  occasion. But sad they are not my boss already. But they are part of our heart. We never forget the things that we learned from them, the love and the care. Lord thank you  for the boss you had given to us...!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Respect the Food of Other Culture

the green one we can call this seafood is our place "Lato" and never cook this anymore
its good put vinegar some spices like union, ginger, put a little salt and msg and you can make
a salad and served in the table...!!! its delicious try it...!!!"

best Filipino food....!!!

this are salted fish in our place " and we can call this "bulad|"....!!!!!

Here in my country our favorite part of the fish body is the head and   there are lot of foreign country wondering for that, they didn't know so delicious (try and not only for that there is also salted fish the smell is not good but so delicious even though our neighbor who are foreigner don't want the smell. lol...!!!! sorry and please respect our food....!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New Beginning

They look lovely...!!!

A New Beginning. of love....!!!!!

Last month I attended my best friend wedding. But before the wedding day we have a little arguments because she wants me to be her maid of honor and of course I don't really like it. The reason is how will be my aura if I wear a gown I never used it and also never been a maid of honor in my entire life and I don't know what to do also. But she  keep on asking always a favor .So I have  nothing to do but agreed. When I am the altar already in the church near of priest to assist I don't understand my feelings when they promised a love, taking care in each other  for bitter or for worst in richer and poorer 'till death do as part  and I told to myself." my friend is married already and this a new beginning of her life" although married is not easy but I know they will be happy because of there love.God bless you my friend for a married life...!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missing my Boss

the one wearing red dress is our boss..Missing her so much...!!!

farewell mam... we missed you so much..!!!

In our office mostly of our boss near in my heart or should I say I am near in their hearts its because maybe we are so approachable in terms of work. Anything that they request me about work. Always agreed. It’s just like an army saying “ Obey first Before you Complain”. But praised God I had a heart for being obedience not only in my boss but to other people too, and I thankful for this kind of heart, because this is a gift from God. Now here we are again we had a new boss time for a new adjustment. Awkward but I know one of this day we can adopt his character again. To my old boss I really missed her for being out of my sight; I missed her so much for how many years she stayed in our division.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Enjoy the amazing Jewel Of The Seas

The Jewel of the Seas forms a integral part of Royal Caribbean's Radiance Class of ships and it is up there with the best, most spectacular and luxurious commercial vessels every to set sail. And set sail it does, to a lengthy list of the world's most amazing and exotic locations. So if you're hoping to take that trip of a lifetime around the many splendoured islands of the Caribbean, or you're keen to check out what the Canadian coastlines have to offer then the Jewel of the Seas could very well be your best bet.

Among the elements that make the Radiance Class a unique set of vessels and the Jewel quite so radiant are the design features that allow to you look out to sea from so many angles. Huge portions of the ship in fact are made out glass that give you some of the most stunning views of the oceans available anywhere. In fact, you can even gaze out to one incredible scenic vista after another as you glide down a few floors in an elevator.

In terms of activity options as well you are very unlikely to be much other than amazed aboard the Jewel. She isn't quite so large as some of the other ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet but there is still an enormous amount going on each day, with crazy golf courses, swimming pools, basketball courts and even, somehow, a set of self-levelling pool tables. And you can rest assured that your hopes of having a huge array of dinning options will be met and in all likelihood exceeded. If that all sounds up your street then the Jewel might be for you and you can book Royal Caribbean cruises online these days in a matter of minutes and at what really are quite remarkably good value prices. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Explore the Arctic Circle: Iceland

Discover the beauty of Iceland this winter with a fantastic expedition to the Arctic Circle. Whether travelling with your partner, as a group or as a family, there will be plenty of things to see and do to quench your thirst for adventure.
A perfect resort for a honeymoon with a difference, Iceland offers newlyweds a totally different experience to the usual hot climes. Travel around November time to try and catch the beautifully romantic Northern Lights. Sit back and enjoy each other’s company whilst experiencing the world’s best light show.
Still recovering from financial collapse back in 2008, now is a perfect (and more affordable!) time to book a trip to Iceland. Offering a multitude of activities, including fitness holidays and hikes, this majestic country is perfect for a winter getaway with a difference. Adventure holidays don’t come much better than a trip to the Arctic Circle!
Be sure to visit the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s infamous geothermal spa - mineral rich, milky and above all, warm. You’ll feel like you’re on another planet with a soak in this pool, with the rough mountain ridges as a backdrop.
Discover Thingvellir National Park to see where the tectonic plates of North America and Europe have been pulled apart; ideal for those who enjoy walking and taking in the stunning scenery.
Any time between September and April is a perfect time for those who want to catch the Aurora Borealis. One of the greatest wonders of the world, these beautifully mesmerising lights are definitely not to be missed if you are travelling here between these months. Nothing will impede your view in Iceland of this truly breathtaking exposition.
Take a walk or hop aboard a mountain bike and cycle to the spectacular Gullfoss – Iceland’s most notorious waterfall. For the even more adventurous, embark on a glacial trek – a perfect expedition during the winter months that’ll give you the feeling of being on top of the world. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Mystery of This Crater

Amazing crater at the top of the volcano...!!!!

When I was a kid  I always heard the story of this crater, people says here in our place this crater is a very mysterious one  that is why I always  keep on asking with my mother the story of this crater but I am not contented of her answer to me because I knew its a fairy tale. But now I grown up already and I never believed those story anymore. Because I'll been already of this crater and for me its not a mysterious but its a gift from God that we have to appreciate His power. A very nice place, a rare place, you can see the overview of Camiguin Island Philippines and its so amazing.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Unique Names

I missed my father......!!!!

Since I was a kid I never felt a love of a father, knowingly a daughter is closed to the father. I really missed how to be a daughter to him, growing up with no father in my side to comfort me when I had a problem that I can only share to him. But in spite of that I grew as better woman in this world a full of blessings and be the blessings also in my family and I really thankful of this in spite of everything that I have done in my life I can stand with my own. I remember the diary of my father when I was a kid and for my curiousity  I have to read what is inside. So I saw the meaning of my name there " it says: Neonila Means Neon light of the family"  so because of that I grew up  always put in my mind, I have to be strong because of that word " light of family" whatever happen in my life I have to be stand strongly for my family. I thought I had only I unique name but it also help to make me  a better person in this world. Just follow also the name of my brother Astronico meaning He is born when the astronauts down from moon. Yes we have unique name and because  of this I realized when my father  still alive he is also a unique father for us.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can We See This In The Future?

I always wondering for the climate had been encounter for this few years, there are lot of people say that they could not predict anymore and one of the example of this is the fisherman in our place, They told me, before they knew what is the  season  month of typhoon the situation of the waves when they become huge, even though they cannot listened the information of the in charge of the climate (PAGASA)  here in our place. And I told then because of the climate change that is why everything is change, the character of the people of this world was change also, the animals, the place all the creation of God was change. That is why I always wondering what will happen in the near future, could still be this beautiful place the same again..?. Will its in our hand, if the people could not change to devastate this world. Then we will know the answer.God bless you all.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Budget Family Getaways: Orlando, Florida Holiday Deals

Whether you are looking at holiday deals for last minute long haul escapes this summer, or are planning in advance hoping to catch the early bird rates for 2013, there are budget breaks in the sun for whenever you want to get away. Now is the time to book your family holiday of a lifetime and browse the range of Florida holiday deals online.
There is nowhere more exciting to visit with youngsters than Orlando, Florida. Florida holiday deals keep the cost of the basics low, leaving you more funds to spend on visiting the state’s world class attractions. From the Magic Kingdom to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, time spent here is truly what dreams are made of – an experience like no other.
Put all other theme park experiences to the back of your mind, Orlando will blow you away with the sheer size and immensity of its facilities and entertainment. Everything on offer, from the customer service experience and little added extras to the enormity of the parks and thrills of the rides, are second to none. You have to live it to believe it.
Be sure to put together a timetable of where you want to visit during your stay. Time spent here is non-stop, so ensure that you have planned to fit everything in with ease. Invest in an Orlando Flexi Ticket Plus which will give you unlimited 14 day access to seven of the major parks in Florida, including Busch Gardens. If you don’t drive, catch the complimentary shuttle to Tampa from Universal Studios. Don’t forget your Disney World 14 day pass too.
Although beyond amazing, Florida is a tiring getaway. Consider adding a week long stint at a tranquil southern Florida resort – such as Clearwater – before heading back home. Online holiday deals can make this ideal escape a reality for your family.

Monday, July 23, 2012

All Was Changed

my college days...!!!

roaming around with my friend...!!!!

climbing mountain with my friends...!!!

Enjoyed the beauty of nature with my friends...!!!

I remembered when I was in my youthful  days  full of energy, very aggressive in term of decision making and never understand sometimes the meaning of life in short very immature. But now those were the days, climbing mountain, roaming around with my friends, my hardheaded character, all was  gone, I am matured already now. I know how to stand with my own, decide with my own and live with my own. Wow Lord thank you for the days the time that you are always their for me, I had so many things to learned in life. My ups and down, to fight the real meaning of life. Now I am already here with my new world not a teenager any more nor a student but one of the employees serving your people. I can't imagined I reach for this life, extended my help for my love ones through my efforts. Lord I really thank for the privileged that you always given to me. I know this blessings is from you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Life To Be Married

I had so many things to learned about marriage even though I am not. Sometimes I can realized its good to be single than to be a double. I've seen people surround me, there problem is about there marriage life some of them part of my family and some of them is my friend. I saw them when they are hurt, when they are cry everything that can disturb there daily lives. I knew I cannot relate there feelings because of I have  no experience on that kind of stuff  but maybe God gave a gift for being and adviser to them. I don't know when they consulted me about there problems. Both of them I never judge but I always told them " One day you will both reunite if the love will be prevail, don't worry you are always in my prayer". I never told them about there negative side but always told them the positive side and for doing that I have some of my friend reunite again and now their marriage are stronger than before. I am  happy for  their life now because I am aware that God never created those married people will be broken but all I know they will preserve it. So I learned many things from this people how to handle a marriage life. I think the secret of this. All you have to do is both of you extend your patience, respect each other, trust each other, love each other and above all  put God in the center of your life and I' m sure you have almost a perfect marriage. How I wish in future time if God allow me to have a partner in life. I always remember the secret a healthy marriage life.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stag Do Ideas: Cardiff

Traditionally the Best Man’s job, the groom’s stag do is a much anticipated event for both him and his closest male friends and family. A time to enjoy, reflect and have a cheeky bevvy (or several). Lads are more and more opting to make a weekend of it rather than just one evening – what better way to do that than to go to somewhere you have never been before.
There’s no need for the weekend to cripple your bank balance either. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and although many opt for a trip abroad, city breaks closer to home can still be a fantastic way to show the groom a good time.
Since its rejuvenation at the close of the 20th Century, Cardiff is becoming an increasingly popular destination for stag dos. A bustling city with a hectic nightlife, there is somewhere for everyone – from the trendy Cardiff Quayside to the more traditional establishments found in the city centre. Accommodation in the city doesn’t need to cost much either, you can find a cheap hotel in Cardiff city centre with ease and that way, you’re never too far from the action.
It doesn’t all have to be about the booze either. A good stag weekend can involve a fun-filled activity or two as well. As long as you aren’t nursing hangovers from hell that is.
Take an adrenaline-fuelled splash along the Bay Edge Walkway by taking the plunge into white water rapids. Experience the ultimate in white water rafting packages for £140 per person or pick and mix from any of the available activities.
If you are the outdoors type but not up for being so close to the water, why not have a go at canyoning or gorging? So much is possible in the countryside surrounding Cardiff that your stag do will definitely be a memorable one!

Hassle Free Travels

As you have known that I always love to travel to places with lots of historical accounts.  And it is always difficult to move from one place to another because of the transportation issues that was compounded with the terrorist act in 911. Security has been very tight in most major international airports and travel time has greatly affected.

So, one of the considerations that I have to think about every time I travel is the proximity of the place that I am staying to the airport. And staying at the Garden inn hotel JFK is one good solution in times like this and for travelers like me. If the hotel is just a few minutes from the airport then that will be the first choice of mine and there are already several hotels that I’ve known. This doesn’t only allow you to have peace of mind but also escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Secret For Being Young

I'am 19 years old of this pix...!!!

I'am 29 years old of this picture...!!!

and my latest picture, I am 39 years old already...!!!

I am so inspired to write an article today, that is why I tried to look for my old picture and compare  between my old picture and the new one. Just curious because I had a friend, she don't believe that one year to go I'll be forty already. She told me I look 28 years old, wow...!!! so flattered but thanks God for this. But you know why? what is a secret for being young. Always happy, think always positive in life, be good to the people who surround you, ignore all you problems and  entrust all this to our almighty God and the most God with all your heart and surrender your life to Him so that you have a peaceful life. God bless you all....!!!

Cheeze Squid

So yummy...!!!!

Here are some of my favorite food in my place, They call this a cheeze squid, maybe people wondering the name of the food but they call this a cheeze squid, because this is a squid an slice like a cheeze (lol). It's so delicious and the preparation for this is buy 1 whole big squid, put spices inside the tummy of the squid and grilled for 20 minutes after cooking sliced it like a cheeze. Exactly you have a successful cheeze squid. Try it and good luck...!!!!


Painted of His LOVE....!!!!

we cant fathom His power...!!!

the big eyes of God...!!!

because of HIS love .....!!! the world is perfect...!!!

This morning I thank God for another day He give to me and  to explore His nature. I went to the seashore to refresh my mind and to take a breath of the  fresh air in the shore, I observed also the waves was so silent like a baby sleeping in the night the sky is blue. I told to myself wow...!!! God is awesome, I felt His love everyday, the blessings, the life and the good health. I always thanking Him for the place He put me now, the surroundings is beautiful He makes the world perfect. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eyeglasses Surprise

It's cool for the eyes..!!!guys try to wear this kind of sunglasses so that you can experienced also.

The design is unique...!!!

It's good for travel....!!!

It's good for the beach and sunbathing...!!!

Yesterday I received my package and to my surprised its a sunglasses..!!! my cousin who are also a blogger  introduced this product to me. Wow..!! its so amazing I really like their unique design and when I wear this it's cool for the eyes. Guys when you have a plan to order a kind of eyeglasses just visit there website firmoo. There are lot of kind of eyeglasses like computer eyeglasses, eyeglasses for summer, etc. so try to visit so that you can enjoy there unique design.

Something for Everyone in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands - that glorious archipelago located just off the West coast of Africa - is a popular holiday hotspot with more than enough variety to suit the tastes and preferences of pretty much anyone.
Holidays to Lanzarote can be a geological exploration or a lazy week on the beach, a fun-filled clubbing holiday or a budget family break. This diverse island was born out of ancient volcanic activity that left a fascinating legacy evident from its many deep caverns, craggy mountains and lunar-like landscape complete with ancient lava flows and craters.
Tenerife has its fair share of stunning volcanic scenery, but this island - the largest of the Canaries - is better known for its lively resorts. The likes of Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos steal the show with their all-night clubs and big name DJs who come from far and wide to play to the party-loving masses. Cheap Tenerife offers typically revolve around these resorts which keep it accessible to all ages and budgets, but there are plenty of bargains to be had in any number of other locations on the island - especially in the bigger and more developed beach-side resorts.
The same can be said for the other islands, including Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. While Fuerteventura is generally lesser developed and best suited to those who like a quiet holiday by the beach, there are still plenty of bargains on offer - especially when booking through a recognised tour operator.
Similarly Gran Canaria has its fair share of competitive resorts and cut-price deals. And although any of these islands can be reached by scheduled flights, one of the best ways to save money is by booking a last-minute package holiday. You’ll get all the essentials included and will often save a huge chunk off the original price of the holiday - helping to make your getaway that little bit easier.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Singapore a Modern Place

Singapore the place that I admire...!!!!

When I visited the place of Singapore I am so amazed, you will surprised their clean place, the people, their government and of course just wondering why the people are well discipline.? To answer my question I had some of observation while I'm stayed the place and to my surprised again why there government are so systematic in terms of there living.   Its because of there plenty of penalties when you disobey their law. Wow...!!! how I wish we could also implement here in our country. But even though the Singapore is modern place already because of there high technology but I am proud to say I love my country.