Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Fake Smile

How would you simplify a person when they have fake smile and a sweet smile. Simple it depends a mood of a person. When they are happy the smile like a new baby born. But if  they  have lot of problem of course there smile are not totally sweet. :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Diet Control

enjoyed eating fruits..:)

In my office everybody wants to lose weight, everyday before we start our work, we are very conscious about the food that we eat in the morning. So all of us agreed that if there is a donor food for our client. We told them.  "please donate any fruit beware fatty foods". So that we can control our diet. So this is what happen in the picture they are eating bananas and bread donated by our office mate who celebrated her birthday. So no  more roosted pig. So happy that day because I can control already my diet. Never tempted anymore because I have no choice.So anybody there who wants to lose weight try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, forget fatty food. I'll show you there is a result.

Music Is Me


trying to learn..:)

I believed always that music is the story of life. Whatever I heard music is a very strong impact in my life weather its a rock or mellow I consider it as part of my life already. Because if there is no music life must be boring. So considering that everybody loves music. I learned also how to use the instrument. It's not easy but exciting..:)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What A Lovely Life

this people appreciate  life is so lovely..:) heavenly laugh...:)  

Life is so lovely when you know how to appreciate it. Work, have fun, roaming around in other place. In short life is lovely when you know how to balance it of course negative things arose sometimes in our life but we know there is an ending of that.  But sometimes problem also could be the instrument how to be strong to face real world.:)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Because Of You

because of you I have friend..:)
because of you we have a white sand in the shore:)
because of you I can extend my love to my cousin:)
because of you I can stand with this tree..:)

because of you we have a beautiful place..:)

because of you I can write my name in this white sand..:)

because of you I can have bonding with my friends:)

because of you I can explore the nature you created on us:)

because of you I have my extended family:)

because of you I have a beautiful day:)

because of you, you make this nice view:)

because of you I enjoyed the company of my office mate:)

Lord  all  of this thank you so much for the faithfulness...!!! :)

Thank you of the privilege I lived in this beautiful world, for your kindness and for unending blessings that you always shower in my life, for the family, friends and relatives who act as angel in my life. Thank you so much and this because of you lord.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I cant Understand

Stress Free...:)

No traffic..:)

pose with a perfect shore..:)

Human need to explore for work, for money, for love, for comfort, for happiness. All positive in life they want. But in the times of failure they are blaming one another, that's the nature of human. Never contented in life, never give up. They think  they own the  world. That's I noticed when I explore this place and yours truly not exempted for this. That is why I said to myself thank you Lord for this beautiful places, and I am so sorry for sometimes I forget that never own this world but this is yours. You created for us for you to glorify your name, to worship you how powerful you are.