Monday, June 29, 2009

Life is A Journey in this Perfect World

We are enjoying the creation of God.....

This are some of God created that people could remind.. how He loves them all....!!!

Before God create the world. He puts everything perfect where there a green surroundings and a perfect mountain, with a complete plant that people could be choice the fruit bearing trees. For them to enjoy eating and the trees for them to enjoy leaving. The perfect sea. He puts any kind of fish and animals for there beloved people. He makes the world perfect. So He can see His people happy and be contented. But only His created people who devastate the world, its so sad.

Look at world now because of the people damaged the world, famine is everywhere the climate could not balance anymore, the flood is everywhere. Where there is new sicknesses. Maybe because His people invented any kind of things that harm the health of people and because of this pollution is everywhere.

Now to the people who live now in a journey of life. We start our concern to repair our damage world, and keep on praying that God will touch the heart of His people. To stop to devastate our world or else its too late already. We have no more world to live, and what happen to our future generation. Wether we like it or not, all of us never remain in this world, and one day we just also say goodbye in this perfect world. Because in reality we are not the one owns our life we just only borrow this in our creator which is God. So in our journey now in our lives, we have to give at leat 20 percent share our concern how to take care of our nest. God bless you all.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks for the Support

Life is like a sea...sometimes its sad sometimes happy its full of mystery.......

In time of trial encountered now in my life i am so scared but of course the prayer is always there. I keep on praying that God will touch my heart and all the worries that I feel now will be vanish. Yes afraid of my next laboratory result. ohhhhhhhhhh, thanks to my family, relatives, officemates and friends for all the support to make me strong for this trial in my life, for the advices and prayers. thank you so much.

A Thrilling Life is beautiful...

It is almost two weeks already that I never reported in my work for the reason that I was admitted in the hospital for the blood transfused because my blood count is very low. But inspite of this I am so blessed because God is always with me. He never leave me and I feel He is always in my side, even though I am so worried about my situation now. For now, I am waiting again for my other result because my CA125 result (TUMORS MARKERS) is 143.6 U/ML and the normal of that is 35. But I know God is good. And I realized now maybe this things happen, because He missed me so much. Now I continue crying with HIM that the result of my next laboratory is negative for the cancer. To the people who read my blogs please pray for me for my full recovery.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This are my friend who always in my side....

Do you know what is the meaning of friend? well...the meaning of friends those who are always in your side whatever happen in you life. The one who comfort you when there is a trial comes in your life, Friend is always there wether you are happy or sad. For me that's the meaning of friends.


Zarelle's birthday is on Sunday. Darling has invited me for a small celebration at her place to celebrate Zarelle's 4th birthday. So since it is fast approaching, I am now thinking of what gift to prepare. Something that also fits my budget. So I was browsing the net and found a gift site of sorts. They have so many affordable items to choose from. One particular item I am eying for is a nap mat, Which I think I can afford. But I was also thinking of something Zarelle can use at school. Darling said she is now studying. She is Kinder 1 at Lifetime Study Center, so maybe I should choose from the toddler backpacks at posylane. Kids her age would surely appreciate kids backpacks as gifts for birthdays...

Well, what do you think?

I Miss my Officemate

These are my officemate,. during our educational tour in bohol.
How I really missed them..

It is almost two weeks already here in Cagayan de Oro City to follow-up my check-up. For how many days,I really missed my officemate specially my work. Though it is happen like this I appreciate them all, because they always sent me message through celphone to update thier happenings there in our workplace. I wish all my check-up is clear already so that I can go back in my work again.

I love to Cook

When I was a teenager and even until now, my favorite hobby is to cook. I am always flattered when I cook food for the people close to my heart, and they tell me how much they love what I have prepared for them. And specially when they admire the taste of the food that I cook. Well ....there is a secret about that when you cook a very good yummy food...

You want to know what the secret is? Well, first you have to use clean materials. That is good for your health, try this site to see the materials that best fit your kitchen. It is not only safe for the health, the products like pots and pans, coffee makers, steamers, blenders and toasters or ovens, are also very elegant. And so amazing their product is really very nice, like the wine glasses I saw, are easy to use plus its safe for the health. So remember. When you love to cook, or you personally prepare the food for you to cook, or love food for that matter, you should be careful about the things that you use in your kitchen.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking Care of the World

(Tuasan falls in Camiguin) Flowing falls...

I'm always reminded of the people who read my blogs unintentionally. We have to preserve our forest, our environment and we stop cutting the trees for our own good. We should also be concern the creation of God if not we could not see anymore the flowing of falls in the forest. So please start helping our world and cooperate for our reforestation program. (Just try in your own backyard and its a big big help in our environment)

flowers touch the heart of people.......

A rare flowers that God created for their children to appreciate the beauty of the world. But when the future comes and if the children of God continue to devastate the world do you think that the next generation could see this flower in the future? If you have observe your surroundings we are the one who contributed the damage in our own nest. So if we will not stop this what will be the result of our own nest for the next next decade. Could we smell the fresh air of our surroundings? or could we feel the breeze of the air so that our body could feel comfortable? So we are the one responsible in taking care of this world for the next generation and for us to enjoy the flowers that grow up in the forest. We are the one who are responsible enough in preserving our environment for us to see more more flowers in the future. So we have start now or else its to late already.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to School Again

Its time to go back to school again. All the staff of our Department of Education are busy. Our Schools Division Superintendent, the Supervisors, the non teaching staff, and of course the teachers who are the noble of them all. Why teacher is noble? don't they realize, if there is no teachers in the world, no doctors, no nurse, lawyers , dentist, engineers, and all the Profession in the world that I never mention here, so meaning teacher is important. The teacher are the one who mold the students to earn more knowledge to go to highest level of education. That is why I salute to all teachers of the world. Congrats keep up the good work....