Tuesday, December 14, 2010


when the technology was not on the go....whaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!!!

I can not imagine the so many years had past where communications were so slow and so naive.I remember when I was still young when we visited Camiguin the place is very quiet you can not hear any electronic device being used in the area. When the night time comes, it is so dark because we do not have electricity at all. If anyone want to contact anybody, one will make a letter then have it sent through a snail mail. Another fastest way is the telegram which do not also reach on time sometimes, or the wordings made sometimes has plenty of mistakes. Sending money is just like sending letters too. Radio as a means of communication is a joy to everyone that time. people use batteries to let the radio on. The radio is a very entertaining device to all the people during that time. Music,drama, news and anything possible in the radio is very much accepted by the public. 

Then the generation today......!!!! Instant..!!!! just like noodles when you cook. Sending a message for everybody its only minutes see...how our technology now. The courting time its also instant...lol..!!!!. All is instant  that is why I wish I could have a new cellphone for me to experience also using my blog through cellphone who has a high capacity to explore in the net. because my cellphone that I used now is  very old already coz I bought this product way back 2004 so its almost 6 years. I want to have Modern cellphone  just like a Nokia C7. Well I try to continue praying for this. hope my prayer would be answer. God bless you all.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Do I need a Loan?

I wish there will still be extra budget for us during the holidays. Christmas is almost here and we may need some payday loans online to be able to celebrate Christmas. But then, Christmas is not at all about money or gifts or holidays or spending so much on food just to be able to celebrate it. So I guess I do not really need payday loans online. Or maybe we will get payday loans online to have a new start this 2011. But then, that would also be a start for new debts, so never mind.

Haaayzz.. I am sure God will provide..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Faces of Nature

Have you  notice that every countries blessed by nature?  I noticed it when I went to other places  and symbolize also that God love us  and because of this we have to take care of His creation. We  mus be aware for this we well not be selfish.

When I am alone in my house and seeing the beauty of the trees and there is no pollution I am relax. True to our feelings nature is very relaxing. Listen to the singing of the birds the beauty of the swaying daffodils neither you nor I can't deny the peace it can bring to all of us.

When you can feel the color of the wind when you can touch freshness of the air...You will experience lightness that all the burdens of life are gone. So this I tell you enjoy the moment if you still can. Then love  nature sincerely. Protect her as you can, so that it will last till there is you.... God bless...!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Counting the Blessings

my officemate...!!!!

Since Christmas is coming  there are plenty of blessings. There is bonus, and the coming additional bonus. But sad...!!!!! huhuhuhu..!!!!! coz mostly of our officemate here including me did not enjoy that blessing all was sold out already last year hahahaha...The lesson I learn for this. When you spent your money just enough for your salary do not over spent beyond your capacity. You have to save it for the future. I remember Just what happened me last year I was sick and I don't know where to get money for the expenses for hospital bills but God is awesome He never live me. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and   for sending angel to me I solved my problem although there are some people I owe but in the near future I will pay for them. All I have to do is continue working, counting the blessing and of course thanking Him for doing my life blessed specially good health. To the people there that you felt that you are pity already just count your blessing and of course your life. Remember all in this world we are not the owner but only our creator so you have no reason to say that you are pity because we are just only temporary on this world. In other words we are just only "TRANSIENT " God bless you all....