Friday, September 28, 2012

Respect the Food of Other Culture

the green one we can call this seafood is our place "Lato" and never cook this anymore
its good put vinegar some spices like union, ginger, put a little salt and msg and you can make
a salad and served in the table...!!! its delicious try it...!!!"

best Filipino food....!!!

this are salted fish in our place " and we can call this "bulad|"....!!!!!

Here in my country our favorite part of the fish body is the head and   there are lot of foreign country wondering for that, they didn't know so delicious (try and not only for that there is also salted fish the smell is not good but so delicious even though our neighbor who are foreigner don't want the smell. lol...!!!! sorry and please respect our food....!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New Beginning

They look lovely...!!!

A New Beginning. of love....!!!!!

Last month I attended my best friend wedding. But before the wedding day we have a little arguments because she wants me to be her maid of honor and of course I don't really like it. The reason is how will be my aura if I wear a gown I never used it and also never been a maid of honor in my entire life and I don't know what to do also. But she  keep on asking always a favor .So I have  nothing to do but agreed. When I am the altar already in the church near of priest to assist I don't understand my feelings when they promised a love, taking care in each other  for bitter or for worst in richer and poorer 'till death do as part  and I told to myself." my friend is married already and this a new beginning of her life" although married is not easy but I know they will be happy because of there love.God bless you my friend for a married life...!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missing my Boss

the one wearing red dress is our boss..Missing her so much...!!!

farewell mam... we missed you so much..!!!

In our office mostly of our boss near in my heart or should I say I am near in their hearts its because maybe we are so approachable in terms of work. Anything that they request me about work. Always agreed. It’s just like an army saying “ Obey first Before you Complain”. But praised God I had a heart for being obedience not only in my boss but to other people too, and I thankful for this kind of heart, because this is a gift from God. Now here we are again we had a new boss time for a new adjustment. Awkward but I know one of this day we can adopt his character again. To my old boss I really missed her for being out of my sight; I missed her so much for how many years she stayed in our division.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Enjoy the amazing Jewel Of The Seas

The Jewel of the Seas forms a integral part of Royal Caribbean's Radiance Class of ships and it is up there with the best, most spectacular and luxurious commercial vessels every to set sail. And set sail it does, to a lengthy list of the world's most amazing and exotic locations. So if you're hoping to take that trip of a lifetime around the many splendoured islands of the Caribbean, or you're keen to check out what the Canadian coastlines have to offer then the Jewel of the Seas could very well be your best bet.

Among the elements that make the Radiance Class a unique set of vessels and the Jewel quite so radiant are the design features that allow to you look out to sea from so many angles. Huge portions of the ship in fact are made out glass that give you some of the most stunning views of the oceans available anywhere. In fact, you can even gaze out to one incredible scenic vista after another as you glide down a few floors in an elevator.

In terms of activity options as well you are very unlikely to be much other than amazed aboard the Jewel. She isn't quite so large as some of the other ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet but there is still an enormous amount going on each day, with crazy golf courses, swimming pools, basketball courts and even, somehow, a set of self-levelling pool tables. And you can rest assured that your hopes of having a huge array of dinning options will be met and in all likelihood exceeded. If that all sounds up your street then the Jewel might be for you and you can book Royal Caribbean cruises online these days in a matter of minutes and at what really are quite remarkably good value prices.