Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mountain Between Human

Fly to reach the sky..:)

I am higher than mountain..:)

Mountain is an awesome nature and when you appreciate it you cannot fathom your mind how God make this nature but human is powerful because God created human by His own image. So meaning human is powerful than mountain even though  mountain is so high.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Secret to be inspired

I am Beautiful because GOD created me for a reason..:)

I was not able to update  my blog for how many months already maybe not inspired for writing any article. Writing and article is not easy specially the word you used it and  I was not born as a writer also. For me to write any world I used here are very difficult. But today since I was inspired I want to share this feelings to the people who read my blog here. That being beautiful is not by your personal appearance but to realize that we have a reason to be beautiful in this beautiful world to remind us that God created us for a reason. So be inspired and beautiful not to the people surround you. But for you to remind that God created you on His image. God bless you all.:)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Stress Go Away

Jogged and saw the beauty of nature, at my back is the overlooking sea at the top of the mountain.

The white Island my favorite place.

jumped and enjoyed the place.....:)

trying to emote..:)

What a nice sunset..:)

Pose and smile..:) so relax..:)

Working in a whole week is not easy and sometimes it will create stress in our body. To make stress away we have to make our own recreation so that our body also could be relax. Like went to some beautiful places, going in the top of the mountain and see beautiful green surrounding so that your eyes also can relax. This is the secret how to get stress in our body...try it...:)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Why There is Pain

Why there is pain? why there is happiness? can this two feelings can be together or should this feelings unite in a one situation. So unexplainable but though so wondrous feelings that sometimes we can't explain. Though this 2014 is my unforgettable moment in my life that my mother was passed away but, I realized this should be my momentous time to realized that life is full mystery that sometimes we can't explain. Because this is the real world and the pain in our heart will always there, and we have to accept it. Goodbye pain, hello happiness..I have to move on. So that I can stand with my own until I'm old. I'll lived alone in my own but I know God is always in my side.