Monday, July 23, 2012

All Was Changed

my college days...!!!

roaming around with my friend...!!!!

climbing mountain with my friends...!!!

Enjoyed the beauty of nature with my friends...!!!

I remembered when I was in my youthful  days  full of energy, very aggressive in term of decision making and never understand sometimes the meaning of life in short very immature. But now those were the days, climbing mountain, roaming around with my friends, my hardheaded character, all was  gone, I am matured already now. I know how to stand with my own, decide with my own and live with my own. Wow Lord thank you for the days the time that you are always their for me, I had so many things to learned in life. My ups and down, to fight the real meaning of life. Now I am already here with my new world not a teenager any more nor a student but one of the employees serving your people. I can't imagined I reach for this life, extended my help for my love ones through my efforts. Lord I really thank for the privileged that you always given to me. I know this blessings is from you.

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