Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Guys I am very happy today. Although I have plenty of work here in the office. But I am happy because, I realized that I am blessed than the other people there. Why? because I have a work, and I can able to work I realized that when I was in the hospital last few months I thought I could die already. Now I thank God for I am healthy again and willing to work.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God is Awesome

Nature in the Philippines
Nature in the United States

God is really awesome imagine in different places there are two formation of water. Although its not the same faces but when you see that, you can feel the refreshing from your mind and heart. And sometimes people could not appreciated that. Yet they damaged the nature and they dont observed. And they dont really understand how water important in our life, if there is no water we are all nothing. So please people in the world preserved our water.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


That is always the rule for me... Although I know God is always there to protect me and my loved ones... But divine intervention plus human action is always the best tandem... That's why I always recommend the presence of pepper spray in every woman's bag. Why? Well, it is the safest and the easiest relief to come by... Although, I must tell you, I had a difficult time looking for it in the mall or in the groceries when I last went to Cagayan de Oro... So I searched for it online instead. I know for a fact that searching anything online gives substantial results...

And lucky enough, I came to this wonderful site that not only promotes safety but also has so much to offer... At, you will find lots of products, from safety products for women to womens work clothes that spells style, comfort and safety...

And I also found lots of good looking womens boots...Marveling through the site is really amazing... I just love their products very much...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

create fun photos

Hey guys, check this out. If you want to create fun photos go to, where anyone can easily and instantly create funny pictures yourself... You can even do a fun photo box or anything that you fancy.. Check out the photo I just did...

Funny Pictures

Below is the original photo....

Isn't it cool? Here's another one of the same photo...

Funny Pictures

So why don't you try to make your own and have fun doing it... You can actually place the said images instantly to your sites or social networks because codes are readily available...

Visit the site and have fun...


When this blog of mine sunk and had N/A PR, I was opting to buy a domain and get a new web host. But web hosting is not clear to me, no matter how many times I asked my blogger friends and relatives. My cousin told me that if I should get webhosting for my site, I should choose wisely for the right company. Best deals and benefits were always the key factor I looked for every time I read web hosting news and reviews.

One particular site I visited is, where I read their reviews for Top 10 Web hosting for this year, 2010... I found out about other sites that I have not heard of before, but have actually existed a long time already. I also found out that Go Daddy and Yahoo are ranked 9 and 10 respectively. And I was even planning to get a domain and hosting from the two.. At least now that I have learned more sites, I have more options...

I can't wait to get a new domain and a new web host.. Thanks web hosting geeks... Thank you so much for such invaluable information...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Journey in Life on Year 2009

January 2009 - Celebrating the New Year's Day, full of happeness thanking God for the blessings that He gave me always. Family, friends, relative and of course my work. Remember work is my bread and butter.

February 2009 - The Month of love this month I remember that I'm inspired always, for I have met the man that I expected. He is the one that adds beauty to my life. But sad to know He vanished for I encounter a very big trials in my life and maybe He cant accept me for what I am.

March 2009 - Its a busy day in my work coz u know Im working in the education agency and this time is the end of classes and I have to fast tract all the documents for the requirements of every teacher.

April 2009 - Summer time here in the Philippines I remember my cousins who came here and enjoyed roaming around the island and of course yours truly is the one accomodating them.

May 2009 - This month is my natal month but secret is the date all I want to informed is only the month. This month I make a promise with a man, but sad......!!!! He is not true to me he leaves me.....!!! but its ok charge to experienced..coz there is a saying the more experienced you have the more stronger you are...Funny lol!!!!!

June 2009 - Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!! June I never forget this month for this is our educational tour together with my officemate bonding together, roaming around in Bohol, Philippines, and saw the beauty of God's creation. And of course I felt how good is God to us and we apperaciated His creation. It's rare.

July 2009 - Back to school and this time I started to have my medical check-up. Because I felt something in my body that is not good and I'm already always absent in my work coz I am confined in the hospital. I start to worry about my situation.

August 2009 - This month is my suffering time....suffering about my illness, I'm worried that doctors suspected that I have cancer so they advised me to undergo another medical check-up like CA 125, MRI, and he reccomended a doctor who is expert in cancer. That time I was in and out of the hospital I was laways absent in my work, I encounter lot of problem, problem about my mom because I'm worried that she is alone and who will take care of her, and worried about financial matter because I have no salary already. I already availed all loans that I can avail. But inspite of this I never surrender I always asked God that He'll give me lot of strength to carry all this burden.

September 2009 - These are the result of my long line of medical check-ups and I want to share this to all the women who have same illness of mine so that they will not be ignorant and they will not be afraid. So this is the doctors explenation of my so many screenings and or check up.


Known as "Endometriosis of the uterus," Adenomyosis is benign and does not cause cancer. Most commonly, the disease affects the back wall (posterior side) of the uterus. The endometrial cells penetrate deep into the uterine muscle (myometrium). When this occurs, the uterus is enlarged usually more than twice the normal size and very hard. The disease may be localized with well-defined borders or diffuse, meaning having no limits or borders. When this localized disease is found it is called adenomyoma. These adenomyomas can be located at different depths of the uterine muscle and can penetrate into the uterine cavity, becoming submucosal tumors

How common is Adenomyosis?

This disease can only be diagnosed with 100% certainty by doing a biopsy of the uterine muscle. Depending on the various reported studies published, it has been noted to occur in 8-62% of women who have had hysterectomies. 12% of women with Adenomyosis have also had Endometriosis in other sites such as the pelvic wall, ovaries, fallopian tubes etc. The highest incidence is seen in women in their mid to upper forties, and though this disease may cause infertility, it often appears in women who have already had children.

What are the symptoms of Adenomyosis?
As with Endometriosis, patients with Adenomyosis may not show any symptoms (asymptommatic). However, women most commonly experience excessive, heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding and painful periods (dysmenorrhea). The amount of bleeding and cramps is usually associated with the degree of disease involvement and depth of penetration into the uterine walls. Extensive involvement of the uterine muscle can also interfere with the normal contractility of the muscle which then leads to excessive bleeding.

How is Adenomyosis diagnosed?
An exact diagnosis is often difficult to establish pre-operatively because abnormal patterns of bleeding (dysfunctional bleeding) and fibroid tumors can result in similar symptom patterns. Sometimes during a D&C procedure to remove intra-uterine polyps or small fibroid tumors, tissue is removed enabling a pathologist to make the diagnosis.

Pelvic Exam Findings
Pelvic exam findings can reveal a normal, or only slightly enlarged uterus to a very firm tender uterus enlarged to twice the normal size.

At times, this can distinguish adenomyomas from fibroid tumors, but again, experienced physicians and radiologists possessing extensive training are required.

Tissue Diagnosis
Tissue diagnosis in some form remains the only definitive method for diagnosing Adenomyosis. If the diagnosis is suspected pre-operatively, then a laparoscopy and a long needle biopsy can be performed, whereby a needle is inserted into the back of the uterus to collect a tissue sample for pathological testing. It may also be diagnosed when fibroid tumors are

Can Adenomyosis be treated without surgery?
Some studies have shown that there is a relationship between Adenomyosis and hormone imbalance, most commonly an excess of estrogen. Progesterone therapy, either in the natural or synthetic form has been known to help, but shows very little long term benefits. A medication called Danazol may be helpful in treating the pain and decreasing the size of the uterus but long term positive results are poor.

- This Month I was in the hospital and again I have my blood tranfusion coz my bleeding never stop plus to have an oxygen. I know that time I'm serious, my old doctor decided already that I have my hysteroctomy operation so that my problem well be solved. I know his feeling that time, that he failed to cure me (my illness) through the conservative way because for how many years he been treating me but still I am not cured. I understand him, he wanted to save my uterus. He explained to me that God created an organ in our body because it has purpose for this specially that I am single and maybe in the future I can find my future partner and have a children. But sad its not sucessful. That time I am so hopeless I felt that I am unlucky woman. I questioned God for my situation " that, why me? I'll be a good daughter to him" (sorry Lord for asking me this way I know that I have no right). But I know God read my mind and my heart because I am not ready for my operation he brought me to the hospital that all of the employees are christian. In that place He reminds me that I am only His creation and I have no right to question Him. He brought me a person so that I can realize. So in my mind God must have a purpose that He only knows and when the right time comes I'm sure He will let me understand. Just this thing that happened to me I have already many things to tell all of you the good things that God has done in my life. So my operation was a very big success.
October, 2009 - Back to my routine in my work all my officemate welcome me. I thank them that they are very supportive of me. They know that I am not totally cured yet because my wound is still on healing process so at times they offered me a help.
November, 2009 - Already two months after my operation still slowly coping with my work but getting better.
December, 2009 - Its three months already after my operation and it's christmas time. There are plenty of food because of the occasion. My doctors reminded me that I can't eat to much so that I will not become fat. It is not good for my health specailly that my blood pressure is always going up and He gave me a medicine for this. I know I am not like before that I can do everything I want to do. Now I am so weak already I easily feel tired. Hope soon I can be back to normal..thank you for reading my diary lol... and for sharing you how good is God in my life....see you...!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


God has blessed me with so many great gifts. It is not only the material gifts that I have received last Christmas, but by this, I mean, the gifts that I am enjoying everyday of my life. It's not only the personalized duffle bag that was sent by a friend after Christmas, or the bags I received, apart from the clothes and the laundry bag to put them in after they were worn, lol.. Or the insulated lunch tote to put my food into...

I thank God that I am still breathing. That I am no longer suffering from the sickness that have consumed my strength and my energy. Not only mine buy my loving family as well. I thank God for friends and relatives who are ever supportive and positive in their dealings with me. I thank God for whatever will come in this new year..

Over all, I am thankful I am given so much more than I am needing. God provides for all my needs. HE is my provider and with that I am eternally grateful.. Thank You Lord...