Thursday, March 15, 2012


you are amazing Lord......!!!!

So thankful to the Lord for giving me a lot of guardian who always watched me until I grew-up. For the people who gave there time and share there love to me. Thank you for everything your truly my refuge Lord, thank you for the favor and blessings, for the  reminder that I am your creation and of course for my life. All of this Lord is from you. And I know one day this life will be taken away. But before you take away my life give me a chance to serve you fully. So blessed for now that I'm still breathing. Reminder for the people  we are only temporary so be fair for dealing your surroundings. God bless you all....!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Relax.. Have Fun!

Party enhancers are said to help set the mood. There's the K6 herbal incense, some Spiritual powders and even candles that make one relax a bit. I read about a blog which mentioned Herbal City LLC products that are said to be legal mood enhancing herbal products, that accordingly helps people feel good. Such products are also used for recreation, as well as for night life people. While others use them for stress, depression, or even anxiety. In today's loud and agressive society, everyone desearves a break every now and then.

During the 60's, it was so easy to have fun, and simply enjoy what one is doing. Everybody projected a happy, carefree spirit that people at that time was even called flower people, as they have flowers surrounding them. They even wear flower prints to show their happiness to the world that has them coming back for more reasons to be happy. Some drugs were developed and those who do not know the nature of said drugs, would take them as naturally as they can, thinking that the said drugs can enhance happiness to a higher level. Such all-time high need to be reasoned with sometimes, especially when there are a lot at stake.

But of course, there are users of the drug who seemed not to care at all. I read that Herbal City LLC products are not at all harmful for the human body, so I guess it's alright to take them sometimes..