Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Typhoon Sendong - Cagayan de Oro Aerial View

I just only link this video from you tube uploaded by the Aerial View of Cagayan de Oro City during the wrath of Typhoon Sendong. Video courtesy of National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). When I saw this video I could not understand my feelings. This place is part of my life, I have so many memories in short I stayed this place during my youthful days until I grown up. But  sad  that some part of the place where the memories I spent for destroyed. Typhoon Sendong  killed hundreds of people, destroyed all there properties. and some of my relatives are the victims. Through this tragedy I  pray to the victims that God will touched the hearts and healed there trauma. To the people of Cagayan de Oro  and Iligan always trust in the Lord because He is our refuge. God bless you all...!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Are Buddies

Don't believe they are tired...!!! it seems they look happy..!!! a wacky pose..!!!!!!!!!

The center wearing black shirt  is  flower pot in the sunset...!!!!

I remembered this picture months ago the moment we went to Dakak having our educational tour.That time we are all excited. As I explore this different picture downloaded by one of my officemate it is very  unforgetable moments to us. During our break time in the office our unwinding moments is to take a look our picture downloaded in the facebook. For me it's only a picture but there is a significant of our whole being a symbol of closeness here in our work place. We forgot all our stress and we flashback in our mind how excited and comfortable we are. I hope next year the buddies well bonding together again in other place. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another hands of the Student

To all the teacher who trained this student we are so proud of you...!!! and I salute you...!!!!

Here is another STEP Contest  Table Skirting and Table Setting Category. Take a look the picture. Have you not noticed the entire student very professional doing their work and its only take 3 hours to make that work beautiful? So awesome…!!!. So envy the talent of that student I can’t do that, all I have to do is judged them and observing their work how they do that..? It’s not easy talent. For me they are so amazing. Again to the student I salute your work…!!!! God bless you all...!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Molding Our Student

For me they are all the winners...!!!!
A unique art for the student!!!

I had been working in the department of education for almost 13 years. Since I belong to a non teaching staff our role in the office is to support our immediate superior any documentation paper to be encoded and one of that is to lay out the certificate for the award of the teacher and I really enjoyed it. Specially if there is contest and seminar we are all the side of our immediate superior. For my curiosity one of the contest I really appreciated that I noticed is the (STEP Competition) STEP means "Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines-Skills Development and Competition" this contest happen every year since I  love nature I really admire those student who make dish gardening. When I saw them it seems that they are professional already knowingly that it is a contest for a student who is in the secondary. Their hand is full of art they made a unique art of a nature and when I see them so amazing. To the student who attends this contest I salute you for your unique talent continue this because this is your stepping stone for your future.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Everyday is Christmas

not only Christmas is the time for sharing but throughout the years...!!!
Here in the Philippine when the calendar month ending already in BER so meaning Christmas is coming. Then people busy sending Christmas messages through cellphone, sending Christmas card, starting buying a gift for there love ones, and etc. That's the culture of the Filipino people that I really like, and I'm so proud that I' am a Filipino, I loved our culture so much because its one of the kind.  

A gift from myself

a unique umbrella that God touched my life....!!!!

Last week we had already received our year end bonus in our office so I decided to buy a gift from myself. Upon roaming around the small stores in our island I saw a unique umbrella that reminds me in the Bible how Noah's faithful and obedience to our God because of His faithfulness, God spare his life and extended also to his family. Its only a drawing from that umbrella  but through that drawing God touched my life on that day. That every blessing we received from Him. We have to be thankful always. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

I was There

Source of Electricity..!!!

During our Tour in Maria Cristina Falls.

NPC Nature's Park
We stay here...!!!

Iligan City Celadon Conference Hall.

Part view of Cristina Falls.

We received our certificate on this session...!!!!

Its my first time to attained Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society  last October 29 to 30, 2011 at Iligan City. The host of this event are very accommodating they entertained us with there nice tour viewing of some of there tourist spot, of course the main destination there is the Maria Cristina Falls which is the source of electricity in Mindanao. So envy of this place because they are blessed for our mother nature. Attend this summit first is for my curiosity but to my surprised  people who are there in the blogging world they are so young and knowledgeable they are also  supported by there local government, to Iligan Bloggers I salute you for the good accommodation and warm welcome to us!!!!!.

In the world of blogging its fun you can meet more friends, you can learn more in your society. And one thing also I realized in that event is the  speaker the topics of their speech is about  global warming how I wish and pray that through this bloggers' people we are all aware how to take care our mother earth, and we must change, change begins ourselves, we have to start now. God bless you all..!!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was one of the lucky few who had attended the forum on FIT ALL, and I am glad that

I came home to Camiguin Island so I was not able to go with them the next weekend when they visited the site of the Solar Power plant of CEPALCO in Barangay Indahag.
I could have seen the solar panels there.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

“I’m joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City because...”

I’m joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City because this will be my first time to experience a bloggers summit.My cousin had been encouraging me to join blogger activities and functions as well as informative conferences and now, this Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City.
When I signed up for the  Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City, I noted that the speakers are quite good. At least that was what my cousin said. Miss Janette Toral is familiar to me already but I have not met her in person yet, so that too is quite a reason to be excited about, as I do want to learn more form blogging experts. And the theme "ONE GREEN MINDANAO: Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle" is truly inspiring, I am sure we could all come up with something to protect our Perfect World. It's so in tune with my blog's thrust.

By the way, Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5 is co sponsored by Globe, the country's the leading communications company.

Globe is currently promoting m.globe which allows for easy and convenient browsing by enabling users to use a single platform. This new feature, m.globe, is designed to cater to a variety of browsing needs and habits of users.

So for bloggers like me, it is quite useful. Updates on social networking networking sites is quite fast with m.globe as it also allows users to get the latest updates from their Facebook and Twitter accounts via the Social Networking feature. Aside from these said features, m.globe can provide real-time updates, via the m.globe portal enabling users to search via Google right when they need it, as well as send and receive e-mails via their web mail accounts using the E-mail feature. So it does make life better for us bloggers, don't you agree?

Now, if you want to hear more from this sponsor or get freebies for that matter, join the  Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5 in Iligan City. I will be there to learn more as a blogger, meet new friends and compare experiences as well as strategies with fellow bloggers. More than that, I wanna join the Iligan City tour too.  So, see yah! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Refuge

I stay here when I'm depress....!!! It's a very nice place..!!!

Last night I was crying for I knew God's  truly my refuge. He always there for me when my heart is trouble when I had a problem that I can't carry anymore. I knew I never been wrong for trusting Him. After this, all my disturbance in my mind all was vanished because He loves me and He cares for me. I' m aware  that human is not perfect because we are only created by God. Only God is perfect. But in my heart I was trying to be like Him to make me holy. I am thankful for Him inspite for all my problem that I encounter in my life He is always there for me to comfort me. God thank your for everything you have done in my life and for giving me a chance to know you as my personal savior.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Need a New Phone..

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life Is like a Telenovela

my officemate and  me crying watching telenovela so really touched of the story...!!!!!!!

After my office hour my past time is watching telenovela and sometimes because of this I forgot to read a Bible already. Say how Satan make her way not to talk God on that day, and sometimes also telenovela can hurt our feelings. We can cry too, because we are so affected of the story comparing our frustrations in life.Tsk tsk tsk.......  I think watching telenovela is not good specially if we are addicted already. Whew....!!!!so for now on, I keep on reading a Bible than watching telenovela for whole evening that I know its not good for my spiritual life.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teachers' Day Celebration

During our Teachers' Day Celebration...!!!!

Today is a World Teachers’ Day Celebration. I salute all the teachers’ of the world without them there is no professional people in the world. To my teachers since kindergarten, “Mam thank you for teaching me how to read abc and molding me how to gained my knowledge”. Teaching profession is not easy just imagine here our country in one room one teacher in 40 students and I can’t imagine how this teacher teach there student one by one, the patience that they have and of course the love. Not only that, there are lot of student also that they need love and advise so again another work of the teacher the time also they reserved for their student. To all the teachers’ in the world we know that your work is noble, continue this because you’re the hope of our nation. Happy Teachers’ Day..!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Island Sunset

My Officemate kids enjoyed the sunset..!!!!

In Our island a lot of plenty beautiful places and faces to remember. I took this picture of my officemate kids I remember  my childhood days so envy to them. Specially the sunset it looks like I paint it in the sky. This two kids is my judge...!!! how nice is my painting ( Lol) just kidding. If you noticed its perfect sunset and its also reminded me how God created this world for us to share His love. He created a perfect world for us to enjoy just like the two kids here in the picture. They really love to play and appreciated the view of their surroundings. How I wish people could realize that we have to take care of our nature. Although we are all know we are all the care taker of this world and if we continue devastate this world I'm afraid in the next generation we could not see anymore this kind of view. God bless you all.