Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ang Kahoy Sama sa Kinabuhi

Mao ni akong una nga post dinhi sa akong blog nga nagbinisaya ko. Gusto nako ipagawas akong gibati bahin sa atong kalibutan nga kung dili kani ampingan kitang tanan ang mag-antos. Tan-awa ninyo ang kahoy na akong gi-post nagtindog nga malipayon kay ang kahoy sama usab sa tawo nga naay kinabuhi na dapat paga-ampingan. Kung kitang tanan mubati lang unta kung unsaon pag-amping ang atong  kinaiyahan. Siguro walay dakong baha nga mahitabo. Wala ba ninyo masud-ong ang mga panghitabo sa lain laing kalibotan. Baha dinhi baha didto, kung kitang tanan padayon nga muputol sa atong kakahuyan, moabot ang panahon kung mukosog ang ulan maglutaw na lang ta sa tubig kay wala namay kakahuyan nga makit-an nga maoy mupogong sa baha.

Busa sa mga katawhan nga makabasa aning akong blog, sugdan nato karon maski sa ato lang kanataran, sugdan nato ug tanom ug kahoy aron mapulihan ang mga kahoy na giputol sa atong mga katigulangan, Igna ko, moabot ang panahon mobalik ug ka green ang atong kapaligiran ug kitang tanan ang mabulahan lakip na umaabot nga kabataan. Salamat sa pagbasa ug mabuhay kitang tanan.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Action lol...
My Officemate Ready for Parade...

Who's The Pretties?

Wheww..I am happy and blessed that I have a normal health again, even some of my spare parts in my body are not completed anymore......hahahahahaha...what an nice word spare parts!!!!. But I am happy coz I attended parade and some activities in my work place. Even though my blood pressure are not normal. So last week we had our town fiesta here in Mambajao Camiguin and the tradition in this place we have our parade and some activities so I am proud that I am one of them extended my efforts so that the activities was succeed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gambling is NOT Good..

All of us have our own hobbies and fun activities. Gambling is sometimes a blessing. That is if and when the player wins. But if not, and the player would continuously gamble and lose, then it's NOT good anymore. Some people who gamble even risk losing everything just to be able to have funds while gambling..

I know of some people who have lost their houses, cars and even jewelries just because they needed easy money as capital for gambling deals. Worst scenario are those who do illegal stuff just to support a bad habit.

Everything Online

I am always wondering if Online casinos are as effective as online stores. There is even an online degrees school as well as online academy. Online stuff is just as good as those as offline. In this day and age, everything is online and everything online is just as good. Imagine, even husbands or wives are available online. Believe it or not, one can get everything online. Food, clothes, cars, vacations, jewelries, degrees, gifts, homeware, anything--- everything.. Even online tutors and consultants are available for anyone who needs them, all over the world. The world wide web is , by far, the best..

Looking for Jobs

These days, more and more people are looking for jobs. But Arnel and his best friend Arnellie think that their future lies in their winnings in the USA online casino that they play. Well, it's just that they have been winning much these days and they find it easier than looking of any job.

Arcelle told them that they should not always rely on it since it is after all gambling and that it is not always that gamblers win. But the two would often reply that they will enjoy their winnings while they last. So they will not look for jobs as long as they are winning.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Wanna Have Fun..

So much work, so may things to do.. Whew.. I wish I could travel the world and see many different places. I am so curious about so many beautiful places. Even Camiguin Island still has that feeling for me.. I wanna surf, dive, do bungee jumping or even play at the Casino in Las Vegas.. Oh I want everything. But of course, I await God's will for me.

Maybe I will become a missionary instead. Go places, help more people in their search for truth and life. Most of all, happiness..