Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missing my Boss

the one wearing red dress is our boss..Missing her so much...!!!

farewell mam... we missed you so much..!!!

In our office mostly of our boss near in my heart or should I say I am near in their hearts its because maybe we are so approachable in terms of work. Anything that they request me about work. Always agreed. It’s just like an army saying “ Obey first Before you Complain”. But praised God I had a heart for being obedience not only in my boss but to other people too, and I thankful for this kind of heart, because this is a gift from God. Now here we are again we had a new boss time for a new adjustment. Awkward but I know one of this day we can adopt his character again. To my old boss I really missed her for being out of my sight; I missed her so much for how many years she stayed in our division.  

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