Tuesday, December 14, 2010


when the technology was not on the go....whaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!!!

I can not imagine the so many years had past where communications were so slow and so naive.I remember when I was still young when we visited Camiguin the place is very quiet you can not hear any electronic device being used in the area. When the night time comes, it is so dark because we do not have electricity at all. If anyone want to contact anybody, one will make a letter then have it sent through a snail mail. Another fastest way is the telegram which do not also reach on time sometimes, or the wordings made sometimes has plenty of mistakes. Sending money is just like sending letters too. Radio as a means of communication is a joy to everyone that time. people use batteries to let the radio on. The radio is a very entertaining device to all the people during that time. Music,drama, news and anything possible in the radio is very much accepted by the public. 

Then the generation today......!!!! Instant..!!!! just like noodles when you cook. Sending a message for everybody its only minutes see...how our technology now. The courting time its also instant...lol..!!!!. All is instant  that is why I wish I could have a new cellphone for me to experience also using my blog through cellphone who has a high capacity to explore in the net. because my cellphone that I used now is  very old already coz I bought this product way back 2004 so its almost 6 years. I want to have Modern cellphone  just like a Nokia C7. Well I try to continue praying for this. hope my prayer would be answer. God bless you all.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Do I need a Loan?

I wish there will still be extra budget for us during the holidays. Christmas is almost here and we may need some payday loans online to be able to celebrate Christmas. But then, Christmas is not at all about money or gifts or holidays or spending so much on food just to be able to celebrate it. So I guess I do not really need payday loans online. Or maybe we will get payday loans online to have a new start this 2011. But then, that would also be a start for new debts, so never mind.

Haaayzz.. I am sure God will provide..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Faces of Nature

Have you  notice that every countries blessed by nature?  I noticed it when I went to other places  and symbolize also that God love us  and because of this we have to take care of His creation. We  mus be aware for this we well not be selfish.

When I am alone in my house and seeing the beauty of the trees and there is no pollution I am relax. True to our feelings nature is very relaxing. Listen to the singing of the birds the beauty of the swaying daffodils neither you nor I can't deny the peace it can bring to all of us.

When you can feel the color of the wind when you can touch freshness of the air...You will experience lightness that all the burdens of life are gone. So this I tell you enjoy the moment if you still can. Then love  nature sincerely. Protect her as you can, so that it will last till there is you.... God bless...!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Counting the Blessings

my officemate...!!!!

Since Christmas is coming  there are plenty of blessings. There is bonus, and the coming additional bonus. But sad...!!!!! huhuhuhu..!!!!! coz mostly of our officemate here including me did not enjoy that blessing all was sold out already last year hahahaha...The lesson I learn for this. When you spent your money just enough for your salary do not over spent beyond your capacity. You have to save it for the future. I remember Just what happened me last year I was sick and I don't know where to get money for the expenses for hospital bills but God is awesome He never live me. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and   for sending angel to me I solved my problem although there are some people I owe but in the near future I will pay for them. All I have to do is continue working, counting the blessing and of course thanking Him for doing my life blessed specially good health. To the people there that you felt that you are pity already just count your blessing and of course your life. Remember all in this world we are not the owner but only our creator so you have no reason to say that you are pity because we are just only temporary on this world. In other words we are just only "TRANSIENT " God bless you all....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lights.. Lights.. Lights

It's almost Christmas and I would like an ampoule to be delivered at my doorstep. Preferably, a ampoule led. Why? Because I want it to be a very bright Christmas. I am sure an achat ampoule would do wonders in my home.

I just love how lights bring magic in Christmas nights and dawns.. and even on early morn.. weeee..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas is Coming

I am planning to spent my Christmas vacation in this place.....lol

Its end of the year and of course after November its Christmas..!!!! and the Philippines has a longest Christmas celebration because mostly of the people start there Christmas decoration in the month of September until month of February but sometimes extended to March (lol) see how Filipino love Christmas. Just like here in the office everybody has a plan for a Christmas party. So I have to save money for another exchanging gift.
Speaking of Christmas this time is season for love sharing together, loving each other and remember not Christmas only because for me everyday is Christmas just show your love in your surrounding so that you can get love to other people too. So those people who want spent there Christmas vacation in other place enjoy...God bless you all...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Want a Luggage Too

My cousin bought herself a new luggae before she left for Singapore. It was on sale at buy one take one and she was so happy with her great deal on luggage. I would also like to get myself a new luggage. A Hartmann Luggage or a Tumi Luggage perhaps. Or even a Rimowa Luggage. They are all goodlooking luggages.
On the other hand, if I buy now and I am not yet sure if I will leave for anywhere else on this planet, then I better buy when it is already a sure GO. Hmm. I could go to Singapore, or to Thailand or just Manila. It doesn't matter. I just want to fly..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Comfortable Attire

Most of my cousins study nursing course and I dont know why. Maybe its because it runs in the blood. Just like my aunt she is nurse now in London working there together with her family. We always talk about the uniform that they wear in their workplace she told me it is not easy to wear scrubs when you are not familiar with scrubs clothing. My cousin Sweet wears her uniform well, as well as my cousin Lara. Sometimes, when I look at them, even with just the scrub tops, I feel that they are already professional nurses wit their stature.
I wish I could wear teh same outfit or uniform too. But then my course is not at all related to health care so why bother wear scrubs. But who knows. Maybe someday I will also be one of them. It runs in the blood afterall.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Work For the Glory of God

A reward of my work.........!!!! Happppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....................!!!!!!

Have you notice when you are working for how many years in you workplace? You can feel tired, boring, and sometimes you can feel that you have to resign already because its so tiring. But remember there is a secret for that so you can enjoy and enjoy serving your client. First things to do is you have to remember, you have a good health, you have a complete eyes, a complete hand, a complete feet and of course you are blessed than other people because you have work and its a blessing from God. Because in this world there is people who are not blessed just observe your surroundings you can see that.

That is why when I work here in my workplace, even though I have so many work yet never complaining. I had to put in my mind that I am so blessed because this job is a blessing from God and I have to work for it, and the best secret for that is work for the glory of God so that you will be happy and satisfied. God bless you all...!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I want to See This Scary Crocodile Too

My cousins went to Singapore on All Saint's day, and they are still there until n0w. The image you see was taken from their trip to the Crocodile farm in Singapore. That croc is so scary, but I wanna see him too. Maybe when I win in any of the Online casinos, or black jack, but problem is, I do not play them.. hehehe

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Love

Some people afraid to love and to be love. Just like me I have so many times experienced failure about love. Maybe its because I am not grow up with my family. I have my brother and sister but we grow up in our different relatives. That is why in terms of relationship with my opposite sex I am afraid.

As I imagine the title of my blog A Perfect World, only the world is perfect but love it can't. Yet we encounter happiness and sadness. But as I realized if there is LOVE in your heart it is easy to give to the people around you. But I had one thing to learned also if you are nearer to God and trust HIM you can easy to give your love to the person who is not lovable because you realized that she or he is created by God and of course LOVE is a gift from God. God Blessed you all...!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

All Souls Day in the Philippines

Camping in the Cemetery (lol)
Pose...!!!! with my cousins......


pose....!!! with my nephew.... he so lovable......
We celebrated all souls day here in our place, mostly people going to cemetery to visit there love ones who pass away and of course we join together telling some memories ( Lol). How sweet when we remember our love ones who pass away specially their legacy of love. Just like me my father died when I was six years old and I grow up in a big family.
although he can't saw me anymore how I grew up now. But by the grace and love of God I am a better person now. How I missed my father so much.
Look at my aunt, uncle, cousin, nieces and nephew there in the picture they visit also the grave of my lola and lolo (grandmother and grandfather) and I knew they missed also their parent even they have family already. This is a tradition of a Filipino people they value the love of their family. God bless you all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I can not believe that my friends are into playing Casino games online. Well, they started as simple poker invitations and later on, they were able to learn the different casino games and much much later, they were already enjoying them.

Oh well, I wish I could also enjoy them, but there is so much work to do. Besides, I still can not grasp how each is gonna be played anyway.. I would rather learn new things like how to crochet or how to cook a new recipe..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am curious as to the many different Online casino sites that we could visit to play online casino games. True, I am not into casino gaming, but still I am curious because I hear a lot of people winning in the said games. Sometimes I am wishing to win in all those games too. But I am afraid to be addicted to it anyhow. Well, I know I won't be bothered by it if ever I will get to know how to play the games because I am one person who has already made up her mind about these things. But what if I will win? hehehe What if what if.. Oh well, if it's God's will it shall be done .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's New with Zenni?

Have you seen the latest in Zenni Optical? Well, if you haven't, then Check out Zenni's New Site! At the moment, everyone will be able to save much money as we are invited to get for ourselves and our loved ones, the ZenniOptical $6.95 Rx Glasses. Imagine, it's even cheaper than the usual eight dollars that it usually costs during promos. And if you really wanna try it, well, all I can say is that you get the best value for your money because Zenni now has the best Try On Frame Fit which is ideal for everyone conscious of their frames fitting.

What's more, you will get to see a lot of different designs, colors and types. So even if you are on a tight budget, your eye-wear will still look stunning like you..

Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear Reader,

Today is October 25, 2010 a barangay election here in the Philippines, as one of employee of the department education we are serving as a support staff for two days already. We sleep here in the office together with my office mate waiting for the result, tired but enjoy and this evening is the challenging night coz the result well be declare who is the leader of our every barangay.

I write this letter so that the people who may read this. That they aware what is the election important for our country now, to think that many people who was discouraged already that the election here in the Philippines are very negative. But reminder to all. We don't know that there is also a leader who has a good intention to serve there country, but because of the negative situation they are included already. And to the people also who was elected to be a leader please be honest serve by the glory of God try to serve honestly and lovingly just like a love of your family. Remember this is country we have to preserve this because this our nest and there is no Philippines anymore. God bless you all.

Looi xa no?

Geraldine J. Oliva was once very beautiful. Because of a chronic kidney disease she acquired while on dialysis and a metabolic problem in her bones (causing them to deform), her life and the lives of those around her had tragically changed when she failed to receive regular dialysis for many reasons.

You can help Geraldine (Dane)'s cause by praying for her and her family's well being. If you so wish to bequeath any amount to help her, you may contact savegeraldine@yahoo.com.

You may also donate any amount that you should wish to offer at her open account at Banco De Oro, Balayan, Batangas Branch, Philippines.

Geraldine J. Oliva

Pray for her. Help her.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Please do not ask me what the Best casino online is. I have no idea. I do not have any inkling nor clue. Although I am curious about it and would like to try it for some chance, still, I do not necessarily find time to search about it so I do not really know. I am so so busy at work, I find it difficult to search, let alone maintain this blog. But I will try to search on that topic if I have the time. And when I do, I will definitely tell you what I have found out.

In the meantime, I just wanna say hello and have a wonderful day ahead..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanna Play?

I think USA casinos are great in as much as wanting to learn more about Casinos. They have a complete list as all other necessary information about casinos. I am always curious about playing in casinos or playing casino games.

Hmm. But what I want to play right now id Frontierville. My aunt and cousins are crazy about the said game in Facebook. They have been inviting me as much as convincing me to play the game. I watched them play one time and I found that it is indeed fun..

Just Curious

Have you ever played Casino online? I am curious about this because I have heard so much about this but I do not know how to play the games on line, Casino games, I mean. My friends say it is just very easy, but I feel it is so difficult to imagine.

On the contrary, I sometimes play online games in Facebook. And although there is poker in FB, still I do not know how to play the said online Casino game. Anyhow, it's not at all that a problem because I only go online when I have the time. Maybe, if I will get addicted to playing casino online, I may be wanting and needing more time to be online..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Near Christmas Sale

It's finally near Christmas and I am so excited because promotional items are everywhere. I would love to get some promotional pens or any promotional product available. That would surely be a great deal to come by. In all malls in this city, we can see sale coming and going and some are even extended. Ah, if only we all can have lots of money to avail all of them.

Last Christmas, I was able to buy a few goodies on sale and I love them. This year, I am hoping for more. I ownder if my favorite brands will make way for promos and sales.. I wish..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Curious about Casinos

I was told that Casino slots are as exciting as playing Blackjack. Quite frankly, I do not know what each game is all about and how to play them, but I am also curious. I wonder how it will feel like to play them. I wonder if I will win if I play any of the two games. But of course, I wonder if I will ever be able to play at any games inside a Casino. Hmm. I wonder..

Here in the Philippines there are lots of Casinos and well, many people go there to have fun. But not all people go there for fun. Some go there to work. And I was tyold that working in Casinos are actually worth the while as the tips are really great..

Friday, October 1, 2010

Human Body

always be reminded to take care of our health.....

I never owe this picture nor captured and I dont know who's the owner of this body. But I just only saw this when I was exploring in the net and Iam very curious to post this. So that people can aware that our human body or some parts of this are important. That is why we have to take care of this. Specially those people who have children to lean on. Beware of alcohol or maybe if you want to drink it, just slight only coz alcohol also needs in our body and of course cigarette, and oveflowing eating hahahahaha.. I know I am also the victims of overflowing eating.. hahahahaha....!!!! what a nice word overflowing eating, (its only my term). But me as the author of this message I have no control also of overflowing eating but I try to control it. Coz I know its not good in our body, Specially the fatty food. It causes some deseases and too much food will kill us. lol...happy reading.

Remembering When I Was in the Hospital

Its one year already....hmmmmmmmmmm....!!!! meaning this month is my surgical operation anniversary, I could not imagined that I recover the tragedy of my life, thinking its the end of my life, Admitting in the hospital no centavos in my pocket. But thanks, I have Jesus in my heart and I trust HIM with all my heart. I am thankful of this blessing knowing Him. But now, I am here again thanking of my second life. And of course back to my work again leaving with a normal life. Thank you Lord for the Help without you, I cant live again. God Bless you all.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ang Kahoy Sama sa Kinabuhi

Mao ni akong una nga post dinhi sa akong blog nga nagbinisaya ko. Gusto nako ipagawas akong gibati bahin sa atong kalibutan nga kung dili kani ampingan kitang tanan ang mag-antos. Tan-awa ninyo ang kahoy na akong gi-post nagtindog nga malipayon kay ang kahoy sama usab sa tawo nga naay kinabuhi na dapat paga-ampingan. Kung kitang tanan mubati lang unta kung unsaon pag-amping ang atong  kinaiyahan. Siguro walay dakong baha nga mahitabo. Wala ba ninyo masud-ong ang mga panghitabo sa lain laing kalibotan. Baha dinhi baha didto, kung kitang tanan padayon nga muputol sa atong kakahuyan, moabot ang panahon kung mukosog ang ulan maglutaw na lang ta sa tubig kay wala namay kakahuyan nga makit-an nga maoy mupogong sa baha.

Busa sa mga katawhan nga makabasa aning akong blog, sugdan nato karon maski sa ato lang kanataran, sugdan nato ug tanom ug kahoy aron mapulihan ang mga kahoy na giputol sa atong mga katigulangan, Igna ko, moabot ang panahon mobalik ug ka green ang atong kapaligiran ug kitang tanan ang mabulahan lakip na umaabot nga kabataan. Salamat sa pagbasa ug mabuhay kitang tanan.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Action lol...
My Officemate Ready for Parade...

Who's The Pretties?

Wheww..I am happy and blessed that I have a normal health again, even some of my spare parts in my body are not completed anymore......hahahahahaha...what an nice word spare parts!!!!. But I am happy coz I attended parade and some activities in my work place. Even though my blood pressure are not normal. So last week we had our town fiesta here in Mambajao Camiguin and the tradition in this place we have our parade and some activities so I am proud that I am one of them extended my efforts so that the activities was succeed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gambling is NOT Good..

All of us have our own hobbies and fun activities. Gambling is sometimes a blessing. That is if and when the player wins. But if not, and the player would continuously gamble and lose, then it's NOT good anymore. Some people who gamble even risk losing everything just to be able to have funds while gambling..

I know of some people who have lost their houses, cars and even jewelries just because they needed easy money as capital for gambling deals. Worst scenario are those who do illegal stuff just to support a bad habit.

Everything Online

I am always wondering if Online casinos are as effective as online stores. There is even an online degrees school as well as online academy. Online stuff is just as good as those as offline. In this day and age, everything is online and everything online is just as good. Imagine, even husbands or wives are available online. Believe it or not, one can get everything online. Food, clothes, cars, vacations, jewelries, degrees, gifts, homeware, anything--- everything.. Even online tutors and consultants are available for anyone who needs them, all over the world. The world wide web is , by far, the best..

Looking for Jobs

These days, more and more people are looking for jobs. But Arnel and his best friend Arnellie think that their future lies in their winnings in the USA online casino that they play. Well, it's just that they have been winning much these days and they find it easier than looking of any job.

Arcelle told them that they should not always rely on it since it is after all gambling and that it is not always that gamblers win. But the two would often reply that they will enjoy their winnings while they last. So they will not look for jobs as long as they are winning.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Wanna Have Fun..

So much work, so may things to do.. Whew.. I wish I could travel the world and see many different places. I am so curious about so many beautiful places. Even Camiguin Island still has that feeling for me.. I wanna surf, dive, do bungee jumping or even play at the Casino in Las Vegas.. Oh I want everything. But of course, I await God's will for me.

Maybe I will become a missionary instead. Go places, help more people in their search for truth and life. Most of all, happiness..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Breakfast before Rafting..

During our reunion, I was commissioned by my Aunt to supervise cooking. I gladly agreed and this one here is Adobong Nucos, or Squid Adobo with its black ink intact. Black it may be, but as what my cousins said, it was good. And I am happy they liked it. The other foodies I cooked before we went rafting are posted HERE and HERE.


Teaching kids ORAL HYGIENE may sometimes be so difficult. That is why having FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH is a good idea. With its blinking lights, kids can actually be able to apply the right "time" for brushing. They will have fun while they brush. And the best thing is that, FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH is now available Exclusively at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores..

Rafting One More Time

I went for another round of water rafting. This time, Advanced Run with my Aguilar Cousins..

We passed through 24 rapids and spent 4-5 hours for such great adventure..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Pizza

Yummy ! For more of this week's Yummy Sunday, CLICK HERE.

Crazy Slots

I always wish I could play some Slots in the Slots Machine. I would often wonder how that must feel like.. And I always wonder if that would be good as a game or past time. Many people tend to get addicted to Casino Games, offline or online. And some people report that they are addicted and have lost lots of money already. On the contrary, there are those who say that playing Casino Online is better than playing in the real Casinos, not that Online Casino is not real. But due to the fact that the game is different online or offline, some people just can not help but have their references developed.

I heard a woman say that once in Las Vegas, she won like crazy and the Slot Machines just drove her nuts for 2 weeks.. Apparently, she had been winning and winning just made her all the more interested to win some more. Others who play mostly online, say that online is more exciting but less of a trouble than onsite..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Fun

There are so many things to do this summer.. Well actually, not here in the Philippines but in the West.. People can go boating, trailing, hiking, swimming and many more. Summer can be fun if you know where to go. Some people travel to different destinations and experience a different cultures. Other create a new experience. Like, if they have not been to a Casino , they will try to drop by and play..

How about you? What are your plans this summer? If you have time and money, do visit Camiguin, the island of imagination.. My home.. This is paradise in the sun..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yummy Food Trip

This is Egg Pie from Goldilocks.. Yummy!

Energy Issues in UK..

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

My cousin who is in UK right now wants to come home. Or is contemplating to come home. But he is also thinking of not coming home but is opting for many ways not to. It is confusing for him these days. Confusing that he even said no to the E.ON Talking Energy Live invite he got from a friend of his. It is by the way, a series of exciting roadshows in the West Midlands, a few hours aways from him in UK. Yes, it may be a roadshow, but what's good about the shows is that, it allows or it gives local people the chance to talk about the energy issues that matter to them. And having lived in UK for quite some time, my cousin is also on with said issues..

For some ideas about it, see the video below:

Knowing these things made me realize that even a great country like UK have to deal with energy issues as well. But good for them they have venues to talk about the said issue. Here in the Philippines, it seems to be impossible.

My uncle and his family who lives there are also into the said issue and they believe the government is doing everything it can to help solve the problem, alongside the citizens of the country. That is really swell. I wish we could also apply that here in our own country.

Visit my sponsor: Talking Energy

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


yepeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy already done............!!!!

This few days I am not inspired to write about my blog, maybe its because I am not happy my mind so disturb. Specially my work.... so many reports to update. That is why I realized, its true when you are writing a poem a letter or any word that's in your mind it depends upon your mood, So because I am so moody for this few days I did not update my blog specially the PR is lost already.

So this month I want to update this, and I have to share to anybody one how God is good, for created us. and for the blessing that He give me day by day. see you...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

PR 2 is back!

Smiley Face Pictures, Images and Photos

Yehey. I am so happy my PR 2 is back. I can now have many opportunities that my opportunities can allow. When I lost my PR, I technically lost every opportunity because most of them requires a PR.But now, I can work again.. yippeeee..

HP and our needs..

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here in our office, we use HP products as they can help accomplish great achievements with the 'built for business' products, solutions and services, that are designed to grow business and achieve more. Actually, our office may be a government office but it functions like a business as well. We have so much activities using computers and PC and well, they simply make our tasks easy and fun too. At least we are able to finish tasks on time with less supervision because of HP products.

I kinda liken using HP to a race. It's fast and reliable at all times. If we use HP, we will surely win the race. How about you? Do you use HP in your offices and businesses too? I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it does help make our tasks and lives better.. Agree or disagree? If you do, can you share with me how you do so? Often, people here in the office would use the HP printers and they often would do wonders in our outputs. Reports become amazingly alive . Audience become captivated because of our reports.. Did you ever experience that with your HP? Tell us about it..

Visit my sponsor: Make it big with HP

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I wanna have a massage

I wanna have a massage today. I wanna relax my body and simply get lost in the massage relaxation it brings.. How about you? Have you had a massage lately?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is my uncle, he is a participant in Alaxan FR's Tough Jobs search.. Please register at the site and VOTE for him..

You too can win if you nominate someone.. and get a chance to get the prizes below:

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

Mom Conversations

I want one of this kind of bag. And I like to win this one because it will be FREE for me to have.. Imagine, this is very expensive.. At $300 or 12-13 thousand a bag. Surely, this must really be very nice to have. And by the looks alone, it sure is nice to look at too.

But it won't be a great prize if there were no sponsors. See them below:

Main Sponsors:

I am thankful for my cousin, Mommy Dharlz, for informing me of this great opportunity at Mom Conversation. By the way, if anyone here is also interested to join this $300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest , then you must go to the contest site for details. Click Here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Food Trip Friday: Bulalo

For more of Food Trip Friday, click on the badge below:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Father's Day Treat From Charter

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's Father's Day and I can not help but miss my father. He died when I was really very young. I practically grew up without a father, but then God has always been good to me. He has provided me with great uncles who stood as my father while I was growing up. Unfortunately for some of them, they have also moved and passed on. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the time they gave me.

Anyway, I have witnessed how my friends and colleagues got busy last week just to find the right gift for their husbands, fathers and all the men they consider to be great fathers. I could have informed them about the great Father's Day promo at Charter but I learned about this offer only this morning. In the hope that any of my friends will be able to read about the promo, I am writing about it now. It's actually very easy. All you have to do is Enter now to win an iPod Touch from Charter. Anyone can get a The Home Depot gift card or gift card to other retailers that is worth up to $300, when you purchasing one of Charter's best bundles. Added to that, 100 winners will get an 8GB iPod Touch with no purchase at all. Cool contest right? Well, this is because Charter wants to show off it's new mobile app for iPod, iPhone and Blackberry, and giving away iPod Touches on Father's Day is just the right time to do so..

Father's day celebration or not, the new mobile app brings the entire Charter world at your finger tips. You can discover charter services, check TV and On Demand listings, view on demand trailers, access news, sports and weather and even get charter support and bill pay info with the very gadget at hand. To get updates, fun extras, and facebook only deals on Charter’s Facebook page, why not LIKE their page at Facebook. I just did..

Here's a video to let you see what I mean:

Great App right?

Visit my sponsor: Charter is mobile Father's Day

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Team Building

rapids of water....

Last week we have our team building in the office and everybody cooperated. The purpose for this team building is more bonding with my officemate how to handled work when we are in trouble and of course unwinded and recharged our mind too...(lol)

Amazingly our team building is actual, coz we went to water rafting. So all of us are excited and of course afraid also. Coz I cant imagined when you are in the rapids of water so scared. But to our surpized our expectation is gone coz when we are in the rapids of water already we are all enjoyed. Try it (lol)

Guess where I am..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun...Fun...and Fun.....

This views happen during the visit of my cousin here in Camiguin island of your Imagination. Again yours truly is the tourist guide.