Friday, April 12, 2013


just take note some of important things about our seminar...:)

Last week we have our seminar about graft and corruption. Part of it there is also a topic about marriage counseling of course I am listening of that part because for me, marriage is very important to our society.  Especially when dealing with a teenager nowadays. I am so destructed of the topic about the word love. The speaker says love is a verb, and I told to myself “he is very much correct” how can you love a person when he is always saying I love you, then there is no action. So I try to make a quote  “LOVE IS A VERB NOT AN ADJECTIVE”. In relation on that topic also about our seminar I have so many things to learned and apply it to my workplace. So much for that, our speaker remind us that corruption in our country is rampant already, that is why we have to aware on it,  every move that we have, we have to be careful or else well  will not noticed we are the one contributing corruption in our country. Speaking of marriage the reason why I should listen on that topic for the sake of my nieces and nephews knowingly I have lack of  knowledge to share with them about marriage, specially they have plenty of time with me, and thank you so much for that seminar for now I can share to my nieces and nephews. Being a teenager they have to analyze their self before entering in marriage. Because if the marriage is failure the children will sacrifice.God bless you all..:)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Observing Panaad in Camiguin Island 2013

me and my niece at walk way one of the scenic place in camiguin panaad day..:)


the place tells how beauty it is...:)

the sky tells how peaceful the place...!!!!

policeman at my back..!!!!

Last March is  holy week in my country again. So once again me and my niece observed how people celebrated the panaad 2013. Just counted the people if  they are increasing than last year but amazingly there is an increased. So meaning of this our island was known already in other place. Try to visit in my place so that you well experienced the unique beauty of nature here.:)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Maysterious Banana

have you seen this in your place?..:)