Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't You Know

This Children is the hope of our  nation....!!!!!

A children is a hope of our nation so we have to be a model to them. If they ask about the wrong doings of other people we have to explain them patiently so that they may understand the real world. Although I'm not a mother, but I really loved children for me children is the angel in this world, I loved taking care of them, I love children who surround me specially those children who is very innocents. Perhaps they are the  hope of our nation we have to mold them. and most specially we have to plant in their heart that above all God is center of there heart. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Have a break

Its good also you had a break sometimes, filed vacation leave in the office and went home to the place where I grew up, roaming around in the city, unwind with my cousin. A simple things to do that I can refresh my mind. Its the prize being a single woman, you can go what you want, no hazzled, you can easily decided where you want to go. But sometimes also bored. Maybe its because I had no family to spent time for them that I call my own. When you are single you had a lot of family you had to stay. So for now.....have a break...!!!!! have a kitkat...!!!! lol

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Blessed Sunday

This few days so depressed, I could not imagined that some of the problem of other people who are not my family can also be my burdens. But I thanks God for comforting me and made me realized that sometimes this things could be happen so that I will remember Him always. That even my busy day in my life, He is there...!!!! who wants to talk with me because He missed me. For now so funny because this Sunday I went to church and listen the message from our pastor I remember all the troubled in my heart. The pain erased...!!! thank you Lord you always reminded me that I am not alone but you are there for me...!!! because you love me..!!! and all the favor you give it to me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Story of Love

Once upon a time on island, on which all feelings lived: Happiness, sadness, wisdom and many others, including love. One day the feelings were notified that the island will sink, so one by one they have prepared boats for evacuation. Only love prepared to stay until the last moment, because she loved the island. Within the island was almost lost love decided to ask help. Wealth pass along and she asked him. “Wealth takes me with you please”. Can’t respond wealth.” My ship is huge but I have a lot of gold, there is no place for you. “Then she asked vanity. Please help me.” I can’t help you love, your wet and dirty you will make a mess on my gorgeous ship stay away. “ She said.” Sadness was close, so love asked her too. “ sadness let me runaway with you please. I die on cold.’ The world is cold”. She said and we all die one day, like our good friend the island. I’m so sad that I need to stay alone. I can’t help you.” Also happiness passed along love, but on his boat was so much fun and noise that happiness couldn’t even hear who screamed for help. There love suddenly heard a voice was unknown. Love was so excited and happy that she forgot to ask for his name, when they arrived on land he continued his way love, realized how much she due to this unknown saviour, but was so never late and never wait for anybody, he stops only if you need help he is time only time can make us realize how great is love.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Victory

I had my neighbor who died this few days, not only a neighbor but a friend who I always share my ups and down in life, works and of course a problem. Since she is also a single I can relate her when she told me about her responsibilities in her family. But so sad she is passing away, when I heard the news. So lonely because I never visit her when she is alive, the reason is she don’t like that her friend saw her suffering for her illness and could not felt also that she is pity for her situation. For that I am so guilty because I did not share her who is God in her life that I knew I could never comforted her when the time she is suffering for illness, I wasted the time she could not hear me anymore, my concern and of course my prayer. So for now I can learned for this that time is important so that I could not be late for the planned that I had. So next time I will be insisted already I learned a lot for this. To my are always in my heart, your memories remain in my memory and to the family also..You are always in my prayer.