Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What a Wonderful View

This picture taken at the top of the Hibok Hibok Volcano. Over looking. is the 
fascinating view of sunken cemetery.

Me at the top of the Hibok Hibok Volcano.

Me with my boss at the top of the Hibok Hibok Volcano exploring the view of nature . 
So tired but its worth..!!!!

How I wished this memories could happen again, bonding with my office mate and my boss. It's really fun all our tiredness are gone, When we climbed a mountain by  a group. Talking together, laughing,  praising the view of nature. All this experienced was gone my boss is already in other place I just only remembering the past, her presence when she is in our place.

Friday, November 9, 2012

All Souls Day Bonding With My Cousin

overnight here....!!!


were sleeping here...!!!

my nieces and nephews...they think..its a playground.....!!!lol

my aunts and cousins..they watching the kids playing in front of them...!!!

I love to pose in front of the grave of my grandma...!!!

I loved all souls day in my country. The reason is there is no work because its holiday. So there are lot of fun, specially staying in the cemetery bonding with my cousin and I can relax too and not also that I can saw my nieces and nephews playing in the cemetery thinking its a playground. I saw there  eyes how happy they are, How I wish I could be like them also a child, don't care anybody else, all they want to do is playing until they are tired. That's a life of a child. In all souls day also we can reminizing  the memory of our love ones when they are alive. Their love and care. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Lanzones From Our Place

street dancing during Lanzones Festival 

almost ripe...

one of the dancers...during lanzones festival..!!!

amazing fruit...!!! sweet............hmmmmmmmm yummy...!!!

Last October our island celebrated  Lanzones festival again. This  happened in every year round on the month of October as the season also of Lanzones and lot of people visited in our place because of this celebration plenty of fun, new faces to meet and friends too. Wow... !!! I really praising God for the favor that I am part of this island, and for giving  a bountiful harvest. Try to visit in our place so that you can also experienced and taste our sweet lanzones. God bless you all....!!!