Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can We See This In The Future?

I always wondering for the climate had been encounter for this few years, there are lot of people say that they could not predict anymore and one of the example of this is the fisherman in our place, They told me, before they knew what is the  season  month of typhoon the situation of the waves when they become huge, even though they cannot listened the information of the in charge of the climate (PAGASA)  here in our place. And I told then because of the climate change that is why everything is change, the character of the people of this world was change also, the animals, the place all the creation of God was change. That is why I always wondering what will happen in the near future, could still be this beautiful place the same again..?. Will its in our hand, if the people could not change to devastate this world. Then we will know the answer.God bless you all.

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