Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Week in White Island

Me and my cousin swimming in the center of white island 

small boat of my cousin 

After we go swimming in Sto Niño Cold Spring, we went to white Island. My favorite tourist spot in Camiguin but to my surprise there were also plenty of people there. So, I told  myself maybe all the places in Camiguin are full. Only my house is peaceful because, anywhere in the place of Camiguin during holy week its so crowded plenty of people roaming everywhere..hahahaha. Perhaps this also my rest day coz I have no work I have to feel also that Im foriegner of this place heheheheh...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Observing the Holy Week in Camiguin

Sto Niño Spring here in Camiguin, Philippines..!!!!!!!

This is what happened last holy week. I was following the people who were making Panaad.I even got headache doing so. Their were plenty of people around the island not only walking but also spending their vacation and enjoying the beauty and the cool sea breeze the island can offer.What more, to my surprise this year, their are plenty of vehicles.I thought to myself maybe because it is too hot some people do not walk anymore so they got a ride. The truth is it was really hot.So I decided the best thing I do is to swim the refreshing water of Santo Niño Cold spring together with my cousins.I was overwhelmed when I reached the cold spring the place was full of very happy people. I and my cousins really had a good fun that day swimming together with strangers and making new friends.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week Celebration is Coming in Camiguin

This ovelooking mountain is one of the destination of the Panaad Group in Camiguin.

Hello guys...!!! Holy Week in Camiguin is fast approaching. There are plenty of people coming to this place to make "Panaad". " Panaad" means promise. Panaad makes  this holiday in Camiguin very rare. Imagine..they come to Camiguin and  the purpose is only  to make  Panaad. Take note  huh!!!! walking around the island. Imagine you walk around the island for more than 60 kilometers  and finish it for 2 to 3 days, until you can reach the finish line..huhuhu!!!! tiring...!!! Never experienced that even I'm here in this place. But we respect them coz its there belief. Some  people also climb the walkway. Walkway is the old volcano in Camiguin that erupted last 18th century. Ok just follow me coz my next post is the happening after the holy week in Camiguin....see you guys... 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Im so blessed

This place " The white island" my cousins were here, and they really

enjoyed the sea breeze and the clear water.

Part of view Camiguin Island, Philippines

I'm so blessed when I can served the people who are happy the way I serve them. Last week, I have visitors here in Camiguin, they are my cousins. I enjoy serving them specially when they always say " Thank You"..... Actually since I work here in Camiguin I have many visitors from different places that stay with me in my small pad. Not only my cousins but also visitors of my boss and my friends who like to visit Camiguin. They ask favor to let their visitor stay in my pad. The reason maybe because I'm single no husband that will be disturb. See, how good is life when you are single. Nevertheless, I'm also dreaming that someday God will give me the right man for my partner in life.. What we call my God's will..hehehe. By the way your cordially invited here in Camiguin.. and if you want my service to tour the island just sent me your message hehehehe lol..