Friday, May 22, 2009


Camiguin, Philippines (Katibawasan Falls)

(Rocks of Katibawasan Falls)

Youn can swim here.... (Katibawasan Falls)

(Overview of Katibawasan Falls)

(This are all views of Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin, Philippines)

Falls...Falls... you just like the hair of the fairy
the trees sorround you, and bow down you.
people loves you, and want to touch you.
ohhh.. falls why God created you.
falls... falls...falls.. the beauty of your sorroundings.
The smells of your breezed
ohh.. falls how people's loves you
and adore you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its Time to Relax is beautiful...

Its one week already I have not reported in my office. I feel relax now, I never watch time anymore for me to wake-up early. nice when you are not at work, coz you never feel concious of the time. But I really miss my officemate, ohhh..I can't imagine when I'm far with them, mingle them everyday, working together and of course we share our probelm in life everyday. So for now because I'm far with my all obligation I have to enjoy here in Cagayan de Oro City because next week I have to work again and maybe, dancing with my work again. So for now enjoy life...hehehehe!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Appreciate the Beauty of Nature

smilling clouds..........!!!!

Dancing with the clouds...hehehehe

When weekend time here in our place. I loved to go to open place. Its nice to dance with the clouds. It would refresh your mind and feelings, so guys try to do this also, and I promise you, your heart would be better, and you forgot all your problems in life plus you appreciate the beauty of why don't you try.............!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just following the View of Nature so I Upload also my pics..hehehehe

Panglao Bohol, Philippines

Surigao, Philippines

Surigao, Philippines

Today I'm very inspired to post any picture in any beautiful part in the Philippines for them to know how truly beautiful is my place. And I'm very proud to say this. Plenty of foreigners come to my place because of exotic nature that you can see in our place. So guys..your comments please... because Im soooooooo......... concieted in my country..hahahahaha...

Classmate Reunion

White Island in Camiguin

Soda Water Swimming Pool in Camiguin

Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin

Last Summer my aunt and her classmates had there reunion in Camiguin. With its delightful memories that could be shown to everyone its one of the best. "Camiguin" is an all known island in the Philippines specially in Mindanao. The batchmates of my aunt had decided to choose this majestic island of northern mindanao. And guess what?the tourist guide is your friendly neighborhood well that's me yours truly.hehehe.!!!!. Not only its all free. No problems and hassles its just purely fun and excitement. I really recommend for people thier who plans to come here and enjoy......

Volcano in Camiguin

Road Going to PHIVOLCS



Peak of the Volcano in Camiguin


Beauty of Nature

Try to look the view of Volcano in Camiguin, Its really nature, I could not imagine, when this volcano can damage again the lives of people. We don't know when...only God knows. And if that happen, there is a purpose. So we have to do our best to preserve our mother earth.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogging is the Best Medicine for Tiredness

Blogging is the best way to get all your tiredness, Because you can express all your feelings here specially tired at work, and you can also remember the grammar when you are a student before, hahahahaha.....!!!! so funny but its true, don't know why? my officemate here are very curious about the topic what I'm going to blog they follow my blog, not for the topic huh!!! but for the grammar, because they don't really believed that I could write Formal Theme here in the net, actually I have no idea what blogging means to me. Coz I'm not a good writer but, for me its a challenge. Because for this kind of fun there is treasure here, yes its true all my cousin proved it to me, see..... you have fun for having writing all you feelings here plus another income.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amazing God

The creation of God, and we cannot fathom His power.

Now is my busy month, I can't imagine why I'm doing this, working for 8 hours every Monday to Friday. What's my purpose? but if you can see the creation of God you will be inspired. God created the world for us, to be satisfied in life and praised Him everyday. When I'm alone and setting in my veranda in my house facing the mountain, I could not imagined the hands of God. Its very huge we cannot fathom His power. Created the mountain, the sun, the moon, the heaven, the sea, and of course the mountain which is my favorite destination to go up there. So we are so blessed for giving His beautiful nature and we have to take care of this.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy for this Month

Working in the Department of Education is very challenging. Specially if you belong to the non teaching staff. Its not easy, just like now my feelings is tired but excited. what a funny explanation but, that is my real feelings now. This is the time that we are all busy serving the teachers. During summer time, well..summer time here in the Philippines is the month of March to May. Its vacation time no classes so, we are acting as a maids of teachers. The teachers also acts as maids of students. That is the truth when, you are working as part of the Department of Education. The main reason why we are here is to serve the children. How I wish that other people who work in education has intention like this. Working for our new generation not working just for money but, from the buttom of there heart they are doing this for there future generation. So guys as of now I have no idea about my perfect world coz as of now Im a prisoner of my work. So my perfect world maybe I post that next week when there is activities again in the place of Camiguin...see u guys....!!!