Thursday, March 31, 2011

Juice From Malunggay

Yummy Malunggay Juice its good for the health....!!!!

I have tried to make a juice from malunngay and when I drunk it to my surprised the taste is not good. So all I have to do is, I have to put ice so that it could be cold and added alpine evaporated milk put small amount of sugar. Its good to serve for snack so yummy. Try it...!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Food Trip


Since my aunt was sick, the doctor advised her not to eat fatty foods but only eat food that is good to her. So I decided to prepare for her only soup with matching chicken and a lot of vitamins vegetables and very well known name  here in the Philippines Malunggay. Speaking of Malunggay some people believes this kind of leafy vegetables can healed any kind of disease. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bonding with my Cousin

THE EATER...!!!!

This weekend I was absent in the office and went home in the place were I grow up coz I was worried about my aunt. She is not feeling well and admitted in the hospital, but praised God she is okay now. I was also observing her health and at the same time I have a chance bonding with my cousin in the mall eating a big pizza. So amazed imagine in one pizza per serving 15 people can eat. whaaaaaaaaaa..!!!! I forget my diet again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank You for the Reminder

I was confused about my body now. Far from before or maybe  because I am going older or might be no control eating fatty food, junk food, soft drinks etc. Plus lack of exercise. Perhaps we are working already in the office doing paper work setting down for whole day long, comparing when we are a student lot of activities. But people said also when you are getting older  our metabolism should be slow it’s a bonus for those people who never expand their belt even though they love to eat, how I wish I could be like them also,  because I am so feed up already when my office mate told me that I am going bigger and bigger. Ohhhhhhhhhh so sad because sometimes they told me  its  good if I am a pig because they are gaining when they sale me hahahaha what a funny..!!!!!. So for now its a challenge for me, I tried my very best to lost my weight exercise everyday and have a diet. Will it is for my own good knowingly that my health for now is not normal I have a maintenance for medicine already. Thank you for the people who are concern for my health.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Aunt Visitor

A Paradise Place...!!! Camiguin Island Philippines.

Last Friday my aunt informed me that she has visitor from Houston Texas, although she is a Filipina but she is citizen on that country already. So when my aunt already in Camiguin she texted me that I have to accompanied with them to tour around the island. Because yours truly is very hospitable so I have to leave my work and  go with them. So in the middle of traveled around the place where the tourist spot in there the visitor of my aunt amazed our place she described that it really a paradise place were God puts all the beauty of nature. I told them also why is it this place called Camiguin people came here always (Come Again). So anybody who saw this picture try to visit my place whom you can realized why we have to preserved our nature.