Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why We Hurt

so hurt....!!! crying in the corner....!!! 

the drama...!!!!

For how many years working here in my office. I had so many boss that encounter already that we might we call our mentor, our inspirations and sometimes we can be our mother when the time that I am in trouble. In short we can lean on in every problem that I have in life. That is our life here in our office, our second home, our second family, our best friend etc. Although the situation change in every five years we are used already when they are transferred in other division. But why when they are gone in our office we are all hurt? as in they  are part already in our life. That is why when the farewell party is already there. My tears flowing down in my face not only me but mostly of my office mate. So hurt it seems that we can see them anymore. But sometimes, I realized so funny also because we knew we can see them if there are  occasion. But sad they are not my boss already. But they are part of our heart. We never forget the things that we learned from them, the love and the care. Lord thank you  for the boss you had given to us...!!!!

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