Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Lord Made Them all

a rare color...!!!!!

Different kinds of cactus...!!!!!

I loved all this flowers its always remind me how God's love me......!!!!

Saturday we had no work and I had to travel again in the place where I grew up. Upon traveling the middle in the ocean I felt so afraid because of the huge waves we encounter. That day I realized why should I afraid I knew this waves God made them all. So I said to myself instead that I have to afraid why should not enjoyed and appreciated God creation anyways I always encounter this kind of situation knowingly that I live a paradise island and its normal. So Now I'm here in Cagayan  the place were I grew so as usual enjoyed again in the company of my relatives. Also I enjoyed one place here in Cagayan visiting variety of orchids and cactus for sale in the heart of the city. I wish I could have my own home so that I can collect the varieties  of orchids and cactus I felt that I am blessed to have this different kind of flowers. Through this I always felt the presence  of God that He made all this kind of plants for us to enjoyed and appreciated of His creation and also to remind us how God's love us.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to Normal

swimming with my officemate...!!!!

I believe I can Fly...!!!!!!

one of the beautiful view in dakak...!!!!

Month of August and September is my busy day, I had so many activities in the office and of course in our place. But I'm happy because I had a lot of experienced to shared. So lets start in the month of August. In the last week of August we have gone in Dakak we are enjoyed bonding with my officemate riding, swimming and lot of funs. Thanks to our agency even though we had a lot of works but we had also our time for our recreation. This unwinding with my officemate is one of the price of being a good worker and we call this our educational tour. So for now back to work and reminizing the days travelling 12 hours so tired but happy. Now back to work...!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

My cousin informed me that today is the last day for joining this writing project, so I am joining. Last year I wanted to join, but I did not make it to deadline, Now, I am joining the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011, and my choices are as follows:

  1. - My cousin's educational blog that talks about education, her thoughts and advocacy..
  2. - My other cousin's beauty blog as well as health blog that I love to visit from time to time.
  3. - I support green living, especially that which talks about nature.
  4. I always like visiting this blog because of the many wonderful things I discover in the posts. This is actually, my uncle's blog.
  5. - Inspiring blog on motherhood.. I am no mother yet, but maybe in the future I shall be.. Oh, and I met the blogger last Saturday during a blogger's invite from CEPALCO..
  6. - So much to learn from this blog that I often visit many times in a day..
  7. - This blog is helpful emotionally, for women who are single mothers.
  8. - A fashion blog by another Mindanaoan.. I love how everything seems to be "imported" or should I say, I was thinking at first that the blogger comes from a different country..
  9. This travel blog inspires me to travel and blog about my travels.. I wish to do that someday..
  10. This blog is so much informative.. I love it. this is our Aunt's blog about her kids..

Thursday, September 1, 2011


our national hero exile in this place.

When you say exile, you imagine a place far away from home. It was happen of our national hero because of his love of his country he exile to Dapitan City which is very far from his home imagined from Luzon to Mindanao but when I visited this place were now people preserved all I can say its a very nice place the ambiance is cool. I imagined maybe our national hero that time he could relaxed and enjoyed this place.