Monday, July 23, 2012

All Was Changed

my college days...!!!

roaming around with my friend...!!!!

climbing mountain with my friends...!!!

Enjoyed the beauty of nature with my friends...!!!

I remembered when I was in my youthful  days  full of energy, very aggressive in term of decision making and never understand sometimes the meaning of life in short very immature. But now those were the days, climbing mountain, roaming around with my friends, my hardheaded character, all was  gone, I am matured already now. I know how to stand with my own, decide with my own and live with my own. Wow Lord thank you for the days the time that you are always their for me, I had so many things to learned in life. My ups and down, to fight the real meaning of life. Now I am already here with my new world not a teenager any more nor a student but one of the employees serving your people. I can't imagined I reach for this life, extended my help for my love ones through my efforts. Lord I really thank for the privileged that you always given to me. I know this blessings is from you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Life To Be Married

I had so many things to learned about marriage even though I am not. Sometimes I can realized its good to be single than to be a double. I've seen people surround me, there problem is about there marriage life some of them part of my family and some of them is my friend. I saw them when they are hurt, when they are cry everything that can disturb there daily lives. I knew I cannot relate there feelings because of I have  no experience on that kind of stuff  but maybe God gave a gift for being and adviser to them. I don't know when they consulted me about there problems. Both of them I never judge but I always told them " One day you will both reunite if the love will be prevail, don't worry you are always in my prayer". I never told them about there negative side but always told them the positive side and for doing that I have some of my friend reunite again and now their marriage are stronger than before. I am  happy for  their life now because I am aware that God never created those married people will be broken but all I know they will preserve it. So I learned many things from this people how to handle a marriage life. I think the secret of this. All you have to do is both of you extend your patience, respect each other, trust each other, love each other and above all  put God in the center of your life and I' m sure you have almost a perfect marriage. How I wish in future time if God allow me to have a partner in life. I always remember the secret a healthy marriage life.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stag Do Ideas: Cardiff

Traditionally the Best Man’s job, the groom’s stag do is a much anticipated event for both him and his closest male friends and family. A time to enjoy, reflect and have a cheeky bevvy (or several). Lads are more and more opting to make a weekend of it rather than just one evening – what better way to do that than to go to somewhere you have never been before.
There’s no need for the weekend to cripple your bank balance either. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and although many opt for a trip abroad, city breaks closer to home can still be a fantastic way to show the groom a good time.
Since its rejuvenation at the close of the 20th Century, Cardiff is becoming an increasingly popular destination for stag dos. A bustling city with a hectic nightlife, there is somewhere for everyone – from the trendy Cardiff Quayside to the more traditional establishments found in the city centre. Accommodation in the city doesn’t need to cost much either, you can find a cheap hotel in Cardiff city centre with ease and that way, you’re never too far from the action.
It doesn’t all have to be about the booze either. A good stag weekend can involve a fun-filled activity or two as well. As long as you aren’t nursing hangovers from hell that is.
Take an adrenaline-fuelled splash along the Bay Edge Walkway by taking the plunge into white water rapids. Experience the ultimate in white water rafting packages for £140 per person or pick and mix from any of the available activities.
If you are the outdoors type but not up for being so close to the water, why not have a go at canyoning or gorging? So much is possible in the countryside surrounding Cardiff that your stag do will definitely be a memorable one!

Hassle Free Travels

As you have known that I always love to travel to places with lots of historical accounts.  And it is always difficult to move from one place to another because of the transportation issues that was compounded with the terrorist act in 911. Security has been very tight in most major international airports and travel time has greatly affected.

So, one of the considerations that I have to think about every time I travel is the proximity of the place that I am staying to the airport. And staying at the Garden inn hotel JFK is one good solution in times like this and for travelers like me. If the hotel is just a few minutes from the airport then that will be the first choice of mine and there are already several hotels that I’ve known. This doesn’t only allow you to have peace of mind but also escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.