Monday, October 26, 2009


How I wonder seeing the stars at night. They are so exciting. Every twinkle that they make makes me happy and alive. They are thier above the skies.Rain or not. They are above us giving us joy, we just don't realize. Stars guides us in anywhere we go during the night and guide our destiny in our livesthrough our Zodiac signs. Stars are inspirations, when you reach the stars in your life.Stars stands for the beauty that inspires man's heart.Stars stands for a lasting love.

Many people just take stars for granted beause they are constant. Every night every one see them in a beautiful weather but some doesn't care at all. After all they are only stars. But when you are in your loneliness try to up you will see the stars looking at you. Smiling at you. Even singing for you. Stars are so wonderful, you can dream to your hearts delight with the stars. You can cry with the stars. Sing with the stars. You can be inspired with the stars. You can never be angy with the stars. Instead you can be very calm with the stars. Like the stars above, you can be very light like a feather that floats in the air. What a wonderful feeling that everyone enjoy the star.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conceited Philippines

Philippines is a very beautiful country.It is the only English speaking country in the east.The only christian country too. It has a beautiful and friendly climate. The people are mixture of the prettiest people on earth.

Philippines is blessed with more than seven thousand amazing islands with captivating mountain views. Exciting waters, like the lagoons, cold springs, hotsprings,the seas, the rivers and the cascading water falls. This are all for everybody to enjoy.

People of the Philippines are very talented. They can easily adjust to other nationalities. They are able to embrace and well blend with other people. Many Filipino talent are known globaly.The likes of Manny Paquiao the best boxer in the world today. Lea Salonga International Singer. Charice Pempengco child singer that amaze the world with her talent in singing. Arnel Penida another singer.

Filipino people are very brave. We fought for our independence since time in memorial. We fought againts the Spaniards, the Americans and the Japanese during the world war II.

Philippine culture is superb. Filipinos are very hospitable.We make our visitors feel at home. We make them feel very comfortable as can be.We have a very close family ties. We help our family in whatever way we can.When our parents becomes old we let them stay in our home and serve them the best way we can.

Come, see, feel and experience our conceited Philippines.!


Big Waves-Exciting site very inviting but be careful...........

The water is calm - a very nice time to enjoy with family and friends

Looking at the waves is so amazing.Waves dancing to and fro, kissed by the golden rays of sun, its never ending roll on the shore, its sounds roaring like a song create an exciting feeling silently by just watching it quietly.

In our place we can see waves always around the island. Waves when its smallest people enjoys the beautiful waters of the sea. You'll see people of all ages swim all over the waters with smiles on thier faces and joy in thier hearts.The happiness that the waves bring is really great.But when the peaceful little waves grows into big ones,it frightens everybody. Definitely no swimming specially for children.People are afraid because so many tragic stories that happened before because of the big waves.Many people cannot cross the channel the fact that we are in an island because of the big waves.But brave ones pursue to cross the channel as long as there is a boat permitted by the coasguard to cross.But along the way they'll experience what they call maybe thier worst encounter of the big waves, that others promises many things to the Lord only thier lives will be spared.

People living along the shore brace themselves for the worst might come specially during the night time. Big waves make them always awake.It prevent them from sleeping. They are even having turns to sleep and watch so that they are sure that somebody is watching when some of them are sleeping.

Moreover, people are afraid of big waves might become a tsunami (God forbid).

Back to my Work Again

Picture infront in our office....Pose....!!!!!

I felt so happy last Tuesday I'll back my work again. And I'm glad that I saw all my officemate who are happy to see me that I am okey again. But to my surprised there is new in my workplace, Our office is already nice and new. I remember last month of July that I always confined in the hospital then our schools division superintendent approach to repair our office.

From then on I was not able to see our office. Now, it is cool and more condusive for working. Specially in my case who is newly operated. But may be it is just normal for those who are like me, who have stopped for a while from work, because, for now I am still pulling parts so I can really go back to normal activities just like before. I am adjusting my day today work. Thanks God I think I am doing well, though at times I fell the pain somewhere in my abdomen.More so when I think about my loans because of my series of hospitalization before I was operated. Even my friends will tell me it is alrigth. That I will just take this things easy, but may be because I am just human thier are times that I feel uneasy and uncomftable. Because of this, I ask my friends to help pray for me and I hope everybody too will do so.Yes, life is sometimes tough but this I always remember, "When the going gets tough, we must trust the Lord more" because only in His hands we will find true happiness.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Philippines dear Philippines

This few weeks, we have so many calamity happen in our country. and mostly it happen in Luzon there are so many people affected for this calamity no one exempted wither they rich or poor flooding everywhere. How sad....!!! why this happen in my country Philippines. and I hope people of my country should open there eyes that we have to love our nature. All of us should unite to plan a tree again, and if they well blind and deaf for this, I think this calamity would happen always. and Maybe next of this famine .......!!!so please be one concern of our country Philippines.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Pad

My bed enjoy sleeping...

Flashback...............!!!! remembering the time when I was new in Camiguin Island, where I have to start my work, that time I was so young and I cant decided were I stay. But God guided me, our schools division superintendent was the one taking care of me (she pass away now) and acting like my mother imagined my boss and me together in one house. Sometimes work in the office should bring in the house so hard, so I decided to leave my boss to stay in the pad alone. I thought before I could not stand in my own, but in a way I am so happy because I felt that I am free. So I can entertained my visitors already from other places who want to visit me in a beautiful island in Camiguin. So for now I am ten years already in this pad where my cousins and my friends in different places stay in this pad, even its small they enjoyed here so much. Now that I am ok so back to my pad again.

I Miss my Place Where I Work

Camiguin Island, Mantigue Tree

Part of Camiguin Island..Jogging in the Morning..I miss this already.
Ardent Spring in Camiguin Island..its a hot water.
some view of Camiguin Island, Philippines
My Favorite white Sand in camiguin
Volcano in Camiguin

Cold spring in Camiguin

Missed this all...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few weeks left, I well go back to my place where I work again. And I really missed the green surroundings, the mountains, and of course the clear water in the sea, the fresh breeze of the air, and of course the white sand, climbing in the trees just like a kids. How I wish I could enjoy that again.

Since the days is very past, I am so excited that day again, because I can see and talk to my office mate I can share them about what happen in my life when I was here in Cagayan plus I miss my work already. See you soon.........


My cousin Darling informed me that Uncle Willy and Auntie Letty are coming home this Christmas with our cousins King the youngest, Jovic the only girl and LJ the eldest.. During their previous visit, they have wrapped their presents for the entire clan that weekes ahead their flight over CDO and we were really surprised by the wonderful treats we got... Jovic and Darling wer chatting this evening, and Darling informed me that Jovic was able to wrap a lovely salmon pink terry bath robe, with our names each.. I hope it's Neonila for me and not Bingkat, hahaha.. But either way, I will be happy to accept mine... Darling also said that Jovic also mentioned that there is also the lavender waffle bath robe as well as the yellow gold towel wrap... Who wouldn't be excited as me..

The last time they came, they gave out perfumes for everyone and I was lucky to get my one that is quite unique... Plus the clothes and oh, the secret gift.. Shh... hahahaha.... Twas' really a great holiday for all of us...

And this year, I am sure their gifts will rock the most as most of us are fond of bath robes...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Human Versus Nature

Revenge of the Nature.....

if this kind of trees planted in your surrounding..maybe flood could not happen.

I have a story and maybe if the people can read this they well realized.

Once a upon a time God made a Perfect World. He puts everything so that human well enjoy it. God command to human that they well take care His creation. So human agreed about that they take care the world they enjoy everything the food, beautiful surrounding, the fruit and everything in the world that God created.

One day human bored, they want to start damaged the world, they build a big building, factories, not only that they throw garbage everywhere, they cut trees, until the nature is crying already. They had nothing to do because they have no hands to battle this human. Because the nature is always crying flood is happen. Now the nature said " this is my revenge to all the human in the world because you don't take care of us" huhuhuhu..well this is the end of my story.. so funny but its true..hope we are one concern about our nature so flood it well not happen everywhere. Just start planting trees now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I want to be new

I can't imagined the time when I was out and end to the hospital and roaming around the Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City. Imagine 3 months I was end and out in the hospital, and If I remember that I could not imagined how I survived that all. And I am sure I survived that because I know God well never leave me, and there are time that I am so weak already and I felt that I could die because of my situation. Now I am already okey even though God allowing to get some of my organs in my body so that I well be okey. Well if that is the procedure so that I continue serving Him. Why should I question Him. The truth is, He is the owner of our life I am just only borrowing this life to Him. So for now, I am waiting for my complete healing so that I could start my new life again. Life that I have so many things to learned that in this world we are all nothing, we are here in this world for His glory, and this is not our permanent place but the truth is, we are only transient in this world. So reminder for everybody just love the people sorround you...God bless you all...!!!!