Monday, July 9, 2012

A Life To Be Married

I had so many things to learned about marriage even though I am not. Sometimes I can realized its good to be single than to be a double. I've seen people surround me, there problem is about there marriage life some of them part of my family and some of them is my friend. I saw them when they are hurt, when they are cry everything that can disturb there daily lives. I knew I cannot relate there feelings because of I have  no experience on that kind of stuff  but maybe God gave a gift for being and adviser to them. I don't know when they consulted me about there problems. Both of them I never judge but I always told them " One day you will both reunite if the love will be prevail, don't worry you are always in my prayer". I never told them about there negative side but always told them the positive side and for doing that I have some of my friend reunite again and now their marriage are stronger than before. I am  happy for  their life now because I am aware that God never created those married people will be broken but all I know they will preserve it. So I learned many things from this people how to handle a marriage life. I think the secret of this. All you have to do is both of you extend your patience, respect each other, trust each other, love each other and above all  put God in the center of your life and I' m sure you have almost a perfect marriage. How I wish in future time if God allow me to have a partner in life. I always remember the secret a healthy marriage life.

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