Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sharing Our Knowledge

Waiting for the contest...:)

Ok children finish your's time to judge you..:)

The Contestant..:)

Sharing our knowledge is the best things in life. It's good to share it to other people specially the children that we know they are future of our generation. Judging and the same time teaching it's not an easy work but if you comply it you feel that you success for that day. That is why, when I realized the work of the teacher I can say it's really a noble profession, imagined teaching for plenty student in a day. To teacher I salute you...!!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A word Selfie

 beautiful view..:)
 water from sea so calm..:)
with my cousin..:)

I have so many times heard about the word selfie, yet I can't really understand the meaning on that. Mostly teenager use that word and they said this is a new generation word in the dictionary. Funny but lot of people nowadays using the word " Selfie" even the middle age people. Well, I heard the news the real meaning of Selfie is " Taken picture by yourself". Hehehehe now its my new trivia again a word SELFIE.