Monday, April 25, 2011


A Paradise Place....!!! try to visit ...!!!

So many years past I did not noticed that I'm already 13 years working here in this paradise place. that people adored because the nature are so fascinating in there eyes, the cold water, the hot water, the soda water, the white sand, the clear water in the sea and of course the fresh air. Even my cousin in different places, they really adored the place of Camiguin for them this is the perfect place to relax. People of the world try to explore this place I assure you..!!!!!your heart would be remain in this paradise place.!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Need Cooperation

If all of us want to enjoy to see the beauty of nature then cooperate people of the world stop cutting our trees. If you continue cut this beautiful tree. One day you will be amaze our new generation could never see anymore the beauty of this tree. No more green surrounding, no more breeze of the air. So please our world need our cooperation to save our mother earth. Just put in our heart: (its just like comparing breast feeding child that we have to nourish them in order to grow having a step by step procedure.) God bless you all...!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Its Holy Week Time

In this picture I want to introduced how beautiful Camiguin is, when you are here. You can see the beauty of nature the fresh air in the mountain, the breeze of the sea, the tourist spot and of course you will praise God for giving this place as paradise in your eyes. Then you will remember the love of God for giving this place to us. That is why people love to celebrate Holy week in this place. So Guys try to visit in this paradise place I assure you will enjoy also....!!!!

Its Holy week time again in my place and I had to expect so much visitors in my house. hmmmmmmm....small house coz I just rented only a pad here in Camiguin. Since its only a pad we expect loving each other coz all of us sleep only in one room. So much fun and I really enjoyed it (lol)

Friday, April 15, 2011

For His Love

this picture taken by my cousin during there stay in my place...!!!!

God is awesome He give everything  because He love us. The water, breeze of the air to inhale, a beautiful nature, a food, everything...!!!! for us to enjoy. But people are not contented, they want to built their own imagination even they know it could be the reason to devastate their surroundings. Though calamities happened anywhere and most of the people deeply worried for doing of others. But the hand of our creator extended their love and protection to those who loved and believe in Him. Nowadays, it is not late to rebuild again our surroundings to make it green and beautiful by planting trees knowingly we are not the owner of this world we are living here for free all we have to do is protect and care of His creation. Beside we are all benefited for this nature. Remember all of us will die no one will remain in this world. So we have to live by His glory. God bless you all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beneath a Tree

my mother enjoyed the post...!!! in our native house.

 my cousin and me in our native house....!!!!

This is the continuation of the itinerary  travel of my cousin around the island of our imagination. My sister in-law invited them to visit our place of course  character of a Filipino people that I really loved so much which is  very hospitable to their visitors that I am proud of. She prepared a native chicken and a young fresh coconut. But one of their attraction  in our place is most of the houses are under the tree that is why the surrounding are very cold even though in the middle of the afternoon that the sun smiling with us. How I wish all  the places will be like in my place also so that  people could experience the breeze of the air not the pollution.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Cousin Visit in the Island


All this Photo is taken by my cousin

whewwwwwwwwwwww  my cousin is already here in my place to spent there vacation so its almost 2 weeks stayed in my place, took picture, swimming, cooking in the unique way, hiking etc., I saw them they are really enjoyed  knowingly a village and the city are very far in terms of living. Here in my place so simple but you can enjoy the beauty of nature that God created.