Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Camiguin The Island of Your Imagination

White Island..morning View..:)

Enjoyed the white sand..

Swimming in the crystal water..

At my back is the mountain..the view like a lady  lying  in  bed...

When you say Philippines visit Camiguin the island of your imagination, were  all the creation of God put together in this beautiful island that people will never forget to visit again that is Camiguin they say Come Again, and one more thing Camiguin Island are lot of beautiful places that you may find out for you to enjoy. Try to visit here you will enjoy the place.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Love be gets love

smile of a loving grandmother..:)

My older sister and my grandchildren..ready to sleep.

While my mother is in the hospital I call my older sister to go home in my place so that she will be the one to take care of my mother and I could relax my mind while I am working. But to my surprised when she's arrived in my place she brought all her grandchildren and I can realized my sister is so great, really she has a big heart to her grandchildren that is why I am not wondering why the children love her so much. I know one day because of that love that she molds to her grandchildren. There is a price of this, a price of unexplainable love that when she become old also, this children would be the one to take care of her. Because in this world the cycle is like this, love be gets loved.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Children First Day Christmas Carolling In My Pad

I really had fun in terms of children, that is why I am so excited when Christmas is coming I really love to hear their voices when they start singing Christmas caroling in my pad, the word that they used and the way they deliver the song so funny even they making wrong lyrics and word. Children is a gift from God that is why they are fun when they are making wrong moves etc. But sometimes if they are grown up already we have to be a model to them. It's not easy to guide specially nowadays there lot of temptation. Good I have no child because I don't know how to raise them to be a good citizen in the society. But to all the parents good luck to raise your child remember they are the blessing from God.:)

I Care Because I loved

 My Mother in the Hospital.
My Friend visited my Mom..:)

I always prayed that even though I am not blessed of financial but I am happy and always in a good health specially my love ones. But maybe sometimes it's not like that, whatever we wish and prayed in our life to be work smoothly of course there is a trial. Knowingly trial also is the best way how strong we will be. But sometimes we cannot control our feelings that we can feel also afraid and worry. Just like what happen of my  mother she will be in the hospital in the beginning of the Month of the year. When you say hospital you cannot control our feelings in terms of health and financial. But if you trust and always remember that God is in you always, and He is the control of everything, your worry will be vanished, because you know everything is happen for a reason. Thank you lord for whatever problem that I encounter in my life you are there for me and you control everything and reminding be always that you are God and you will my strength.