Friday, February 17, 2012

I Have A Blessed Country


They are blessed for there highest building...!!!

and we are blessed for our highest mountain the fresh water
and the white sand all are natural  a gift from God...!!!
I had so many things heard the people  who visited in other country specially those country who are progressive and advance in technology they described all the positive things that when I imagine it's heaven already. I felt so envy and I told to myself I wish I could also visit. But when I visited I had a comparison for my  country and the country were I visited, yes it's truly they are blessed because they had a good government the people are discipline and when I ask question for some people leaving there crime rate is zero in fact, when you are walking  the street in midnight you never felt afraid. The place is so clean and its my first time to see they are cleaning there canal without dirty water. You can feel the good ambiance of that place, they had also the overflowing food, and I never seen any beggars on that place and I observed  equal in leaving. But the people who are leaving there always in hurry its seems they are always running in time even when they are riding a train they are running  and I felt so tired for seeing them. Just only I observed for my almost one month stayed on that country. Then after that, I went home  and back to my work. All that envies gone because I told to myself I had a blessed country because mountain is green in short all natural resources is already in my country and all the favor and blessings that God given is already in my country. The problem only is the people who are leaving here, I hope and pray......!!!!one day people could  realize  for the progress of this country stop blaming for others, changes must start in ourselves. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Classmate Reunion

A cozy place were my classmate live here...!!!

my classmate bought this twins sandals for our  remembrance...!!! 
 We  are so close...!!! I missed this day...

When I was in Singapore, I did not expect that I met my classmate there. We been classmate for two years in high school. Because she is the host of that place we will roaming around the city, she brought me one of the food  chain there that could not understand the taste of the food.  But it's delicious we enjoyed together the food and talking about our high school days we reminizing the past of our childhood days, we compare our life but  we had same  in common  our situation in life because we both single and the bread winner of the family.Wow.....!!!! how amazing God is. All the surprises He give it already...thank you Lord for the moments we experienced in that  country.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Desserts from Around the World

It seems that human beings everywhere like desserts. Here are desserts from around the world and some of their delicious attributes.

This is an almond pudding with custard sauce. It’s made in a tower mold and when it’s done it looks like a pink, green and yellow turban and tastes and smells of almonds. But the cook shouldn't fear. It’s easy to make, with sugar, unflavored gelatin, egg whites, almond extract, chopped almonds, egg yolks, more sugar, milk, vanilla and more blanched almonds for a topping. Put on a pretty serving dish, it will be the hit of the evening!

Native American
This is dough balls made of flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, butter and one cup of milk. Yes, they're rather like doughnut holes. The trick is to toss the balls into a cast iron skillet lined with greased aluminum foil that’s heated over a campfire. The dough balls are cooked till they’re puffed up, golden brown and delicious. Then, they're served with honey or butter.

Basque Country, Spain
Tostadas de Crema, or Fried Milk
Who can resist something called fried milk? It’s also called leche frita and it’s somewhat like French toast, except there’s no bread involved. It’s also a bit of a challenge for the cook because they have to stir the milk non-stop for at least 20 minutes or the dessert won’t come together. Then, they have to pour the creamy milk and flour mix into a jelly roll pan and wait till it’s completely cool to cut it into little squares. If they don’t, the dessert will fall to pieces. Then, the squares are fried after being dipped in egg. Finally, the fried milk can be eaten with 
sprinklings of sugar and cinnamon!

Ohagi are sweet rice eggs. They only need a few ingredients: a cup of sweet rice, one quarter cup of regular rice, two cups of red bean paste, one cup of sugar and one quarter teaspoon of salt. However, they’re just about as challenging to make as fried milk. The red bean paste has to be made beforehand, after mashing a bunch of adzuki beans and straining them through cheesecloth. In this recipe, the adzuki paste covers a little egg of rice, which is then set on a decorative platter and eaten with chopsticks. This dessert is a favorite during Shubun No Hi, the autumnal equinox holiday.

Dragon Eye and Litchi Dessert
No, they’re not real dragon eyes, but rice boiled with rock sugar and tossed with litchis and logans. A quite simple and satisfying treat!

Savarin aux cerises
This is cherry savarin. This cake is so incredibly rich.  It’s impossible to eat more than a little sliver of it at a time, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a yeast cake filled with cherries, sugar, water, Kirsch and whipped cream, then soaked in a syrup of sugar, water, brandy and more Kirsch. Clearly, it’s a bit much. It goes very well with a good, cold, sweet white wine.

Calciuni del Molise
This dessert, traditionally served at Christmas around Abruzzo-Molise, is sweet ravioli stuffed with pureed chestnuts, chocolate, honey, almonds, candied peel, cinnamon and vanilla. It’s deep fried, taken from the hot oil with a slotted spoon and served sprinkled with a mix of confectioner’s sugar and ground cinnamon.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Inside my Heart

God is truly love me, He is always faithful in my life in fact all the favors and blessings  from heaven He send already in my life and I'a m so thankful for this. Just like this year I can't believe that I could traveled  in other country that I never expected in my whole life. Through the blessings of my cousin that she also extended to me. She shoulder all the expenses for my travel. Wow so amazing....!!! I travel the cleanness country in the whole word which is Singapore.

Universal Studio in Singapore what a lovely place...!!!