Thursday, April 15, 2010

Donald Duck

In cartoon network my favorite is Donald Duck. I loved to see this show I felt that I am so energetic so funny hahahahaha...!!!!!and sometimes my nieces laughing at me. They told me that I am like a kid. But for sure, there are also people there that even they are not a kid already but, they are enjoying to see this show. Try to see this show , you can feel that you are a kid also..... lol....

Stop Ruinning the Nest

Have we noticed the beauty of our nature? Mountain, trees, flowers, etc. All of this is creation of God and remind us how God is great in our lives. He proved also how great His love for us. So we have to take care of this environment, If not I am afraid in the near future we could not see anymore this nature. It is also reminded for us if we continue to devastated our nature we are the one affected and suffer. Have we notice our climate its change already? because of the people continue ruinning there nest so please please.....!!!! stop cutting the trees!!!! for the sake of our new genaration.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hats and Caps by Henschel

Do you like hats? How about caps? Do you know that you can find many kinds of hats and caps at Shopwiki? One very interesting brand is Henschel, The Hats and Caps by Henschel are really very fascinating. They go by many interesting designs and colors to choose from. Not to mention the many kinds of fabrics and other materials they are made of. Imagine, even hats or caps for costumes you can get from Henschel.

You too can find many other products and name brands to your liking. Rest assured that whatever information you will find, will best benefit your shopping experience, because that is how Shopwiki is designed to do. To help consumers in their shopping needs.

“Full disclosure: I am an independent Shopwiki contributor, paid by Shopwiki to create and link to content”.


As an independent contributor for Shopwiki, I am paid to create content and to link to content. I have done so many pages already when I met HoneyDew. At first, I couldn't quite get what it was until finally, I hit the bulls-eye. It's a name brand for lingerie and intimate wear that are really very nice in design. And I thought HoneyDew is just a color. Silly me.

Anyway, you too can discover new products that can really be interesting for you. Shopwiki provides information about products. name brands and even has links to stores with great deals for said products. It is your one stop shopping experience if you allow it to.

Andrew Philips Collection

I am an independent contributor for Shopwiki, paid by Shopwiki for content and linking to content, and one of my favorite products that I have written, is the one about Andrew Philips Collection. I was really awed by the many different designs the collection boasts of, and of course in Shopwiki, you just can not have enough, there are more than enough information to make you want to buy everything, lol... But then again, if you are a shopper on a budget, you only splurge on how much your money can allow you to. And in that, Shopwiki help a lot by giving you all information that will help you decide what the best option is, and then lead you to the store that gives you the best deals.

Holy Week in my Place

Sun smilling at

Nice beach...... enjoy the breeze of the air...!!!!!

I spent my holy week in my house waiting for my visitors, I thought I could tour around the Island but so sad coz its rainning. So our agreement sorryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!. So all I have to do is to stay along the beach because my house near the beach. Counting the waves kissing in the shore. But I really enjoyed even I celeberated my holy week in the beach. Perhaps I admire the nature that God created for us, So nice I felt that God embrace me on that day coz I saw the sun smilling at me.
So even I have no really activities in that day I really enjoy coz we are bonding together with my mama, that I know I am not always with her coz Iam always busy with my work. So to the people there who has an old mother already sometimes we have to spend time for them coz, one day we never know they well depart from us. God bless you all...!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How Much Do You Love Your Pet?

Yes, how much do you love your pet? If I am allowed to have a pet in my boarding house, I will sure treat my pet with tender loving care. I would buy him Boots and Paw Protectors. I will shower him with love and provide him with all that a pet deserves. At first, I didn't exactly know what pets need, but after visiting other pages from Shopwiki, I learned many more aspects about pet care and the many products that can help pets.

I am glad I am writing for Shopwiki as a paid independent contributor for Shopwiki for content and linking. As a I get to learn many products that I write about, I am also able to visit other interesting pages that others have written, and I learn more each visit.

You too can learn about the products that you have or those that you wish to buy. Name it, you can find it at Shopwiki. It's like your encyclopedia of products, I must say.

A Perfect Green World

Hey friends, I want to share with you what I have discovered today. I learned about the good project of N-Viro International Corporation which develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies, using their patented processes to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert wastewater sludge and other bio-organic wastes into biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products. What's more, these converted products have a market value that will help boost the economy too. To know more, please visit or see the video below:

I am so happy with this development. Truly, we deserve a green world. A perfect green world for all..