Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Secret For Being Young

I'am 19 years old of this pix...!!!

I'am 29 years old of this picture...!!!

and my latest picture, I am 39 years old already...!!!

I am so inspired to write an article today, that is why I tried to look for my old picture and compare  between my old picture and the new one. Just curious because I had a friend, she don't believe that one year to go I'll be forty already. She told me I look 28 years old, wow...!!! so flattered but thanks God for this. But you know why? what is a secret for being young. Always happy, think always positive in life, be good to the people who surround you, ignore all you problems and  entrust all this to our almighty God and the most important...trust God with all your heart and surrender your life to Him so that you have a peaceful life. God bless you all....!!!

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