Friday, August 17, 2012

Unique Names

I missed my father......!!!!

Since I was a kid I never felt a love of a father, knowingly a daughter is closed to the father. I really missed how to be a daughter to him, growing up with no father in my side to comfort me when I had a problem that I can only share to him. But in spite of that I grew as better woman in this world a full of blessings and be the blessings also in my family and I really thankful of this in spite of everything that I have done in my life I can stand with my own. I remember the diary of my father when I was a kid and for my curiousity  I have to read what is inside. So I saw the meaning of my name there " it says: Neonila Means Neon light of the family"  so because of that I grew up  always put in my mind, I have to be strong because of that word " light of family" whatever happen in my life I have to be stand strongly for my family. I thought I had only I unique name but it also help to make me  a better person in this world. Just follow also the name of my brother Astronico meaning He is born when the astronauts down from moon. Yes we have unique name and because  of this I realized when my father  still alive he is also a unique father for us.

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