Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Somewhere Along The Way

                                      Camiguin White Island in the Philippines......!!!!

Have you ever seen the beautiful island? The white sand in the center of the ocean, no trees, you just enjoy only the bright sun above the sky, the clear water that you call a heaven in the earth. This is what I describe in this place, and if you try to visit this place I'll tell, your heart remain in this place. You may be in love in this place and dreaming. Hope someday you will live in this place until your breath away.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Secret of Mango Float For Dessert

this ripe mango is good for the ingredients of  'Mango Float Dessert".

Here's the recipe how to make a delicious "Mango Float" for dessert.

Ingredients :

200 grms graham crackers
 10 1/2 oz  all-purpose cream
 1 kl. ripe mangoes
 1 can condensed milk
 1 pack crushed graham crackers


1. Sliced mangoes into thin wedges
2 .Combine condensed milk and all purpose cream. Do not beat. Just mix well.
3 .Place graham crackers on square glass pan or container.
4. Layer mangoes on top of graham crackers. Make sure crackers are covered well with mangoes.
5.Spread cream mixture over the mangoes.
6. Repeat by putting layers of graham, mangoes and cream until you've used it all. Top off with crushed
    graham crackers.
7.  Refrigerate to chill overnight. Mango float tastes more delicious when chilled well.

If you done this recipe. Then, enjoy the taste you really like it.

What Is Good In A Mango Fruit

raw mango with salted fish is the center..taste so yummy......!!! :)

ripe mango so sweet...secret ingredients of  "mango float recipe"

Do you know what is good in mango fruit?, ripe and raw the taste are good, this is the only fruit that I loved to eat specially if it's raw. I loved to eat raw, it tasted sour but it's good when you put salted fish. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so yummy.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Mystery of Mosquito Killer

A Mosquito Killer Bow.......!!! :)

I remembered we celebrated our funniest valentines day last year it's one year already. It's the most funniest valentines day  that I have celebrated for my whole life together with our single ladies in our office. When we are in refreshment parlor and ordered a halo-halo (milkshake with different fruit) while waiting in the order one of my officemate wishing that she has a date on that day and the other one murmuring and complaining. She said,   where are the guys to be  our candle dining date ...!!! and I teasing  them ( sorry you are dreaming its good to order a mosquito killer so that the mosquito will not bite  us while waiting of our date until in the morning that we are knew that they are not coming.) But the lady who are in front disk listening us about the mosquito and she misunderstood of our topic she thought, we are complaining their place, that there is a lot of mosquito, that is why she get mosquito killer and put in front on us.To our surprised we are all laughing we could not eat anymore our order but laughing. How nice that day even though we have no date on that day but our happiness are overflowing for us on that day laughing is the best medicine in life. And I wish this coming valentines day we could  have our date again which is a mosquito killer.

Proud To Be A Filipino

 Mango is our National Fruit in the Philippines.

Letchon or Roosted Pig is our National Food in the Philippines.

When I was a kid  our  Social Studies teacher required as to memorized the symbol of our country. Because I loved to eat its easy for me to memorized the food who represent the symbol of my country.  That is why my classmate teasing me always about that. They say ( my hobbies is eating that is why so perfect when memorized in terms of food  lol...). But I noticed now there are lot of younger generation they don't know anymore the symbol of our country. Sad but we have to knew about it. It's our one  identity that we are Filipino to be proud off. God bless you all...:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Start for A New Year

A Blessing....!!!!!
Finally it's 2013 again a new life, a new beginning, a new dream. A dream that someday I could reach the age of 70 enjoy life, enjoy the people who surround me, family, friends, etc. in short enjoy the blessing of God. And as we begin my  journey for this year, I want to be  the light and the salt of this world as per  God giving instruction of my life I want to meet people that I may be the blessing for them. God bless you all...!!:)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Power of Strenght

beautiful place along our travel... so perfect...!!!

It's been a long time I was not updated my blog anymore. Maybe because of my busy work in the office or perhaps not inspired to write any topic. Apparently Blogging is for fun but sometimes  it's difficult for me to fine a nice word to make it interesting, Specially that I am not born as writer. I just write only here when I am inspired or lonely. So for now I want to share my happiness last week that I am visited the place of my aunt were I grown up, at middle of the sea when the barge across our place I met a woman has a four years old child who was worrying about the huge waves that we encounter in the middle of the ocean specially that she has a child with here. The child was crying she is afraid just like with here mom also. And I told to the lady just control your feelings to be strong because  why your child afraid, because you are her strength. So the lady smiled at me and say I am right. So we enjoyed the big waves and pointing some of the beautiful island. I told to the child also that she must be happy that the waves are big so that we can enjoyed the creation of God. I pointed also the beautiful seashore along our travel, the white sand and the clear water. I and  child so enjoyed  our company I saw her eyes that she forget anymore the big waves but enjoyed our topic. I was so happy that day that I met a woman who listen to me how to be strong.