Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lights.. Lights.. Lights

It's almost Christmas and I would like an ampoule to be delivered at my doorstep. Preferably, a ampoule led. Why? Because I want it to be a very bright Christmas. I am sure an achat ampoule would do wonders in my home.

I just love how lights bring magic in Christmas nights and dawns.. and even on early morn.. weeee..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas is Coming

I am planning to spent my Christmas vacation in this

Its end of the year and of course after November its Christmas..!!!! and the Philippines has a longest Christmas celebration because mostly of the people start there Christmas decoration in the month of September until month of February but sometimes extended to March (lol) see how Filipino love Christmas. Just like here in the office everybody has a plan for a Christmas party. So I have to save money for another exchanging gift.
Speaking of Christmas this time is season for love sharing together, loving each other and remember not Christmas only because for me everyday is Christmas just show your love in your surrounding so that you can get love to other people too. So those people who want spent there Christmas vacation in other place enjoy...God bless you all...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Want a Luggage Too

My cousin bought herself a new luggae before she left for Singapore. It was on sale at buy one take one and she was so happy with her great deal on luggage. I would also like to get myself a new luggage. A Hartmann Luggage or a Tumi Luggage perhaps. Or even a Rimowa Luggage. They are all goodlooking luggages.
On the other hand, if I buy now and I am not yet sure if I will leave for anywhere else on this planet, then I better buy when it is already a sure GO. Hmm. I could go to Singapore, or to Thailand or just Manila. It doesn't matter. I just want to fly..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Comfortable Attire

Most of my cousins study nursing course and I dont know why. Maybe its because it runs in the blood. Just like my aunt she is nurse now in London working there together with her family. We always talk about the uniform that they wear in their workplace she told me it is not easy to wear scrubs when you are not familiar with scrubs clothing. My cousin Sweet wears her uniform well, as well as my cousin Lara. Sometimes, when I look at them, even with just the scrub tops, I feel that they are already professional nurses wit their stature.
I wish I could wear teh same outfit or uniform too. But then my course is not at all related to health care so why bother wear scrubs. But who knows. Maybe someday I will also be one of them. It runs in the blood afterall.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Work For the Glory of God

A reward of my work.........!!!! Happppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....................!!!!!!

Have you notice when you are working for how many years in you workplace? You can feel tired, boring, and sometimes you can feel that you have to resign already because its so tiring. But remember there is a secret for that so you can enjoy and enjoy serving your client. First things to do is you have to remember, you have a good health, you have a complete eyes, a complete hand, a complete feet and of course you are blessed than other people because you have work and its a blessing from God. Because in this world there is people who are not blessed just observe your surroundings you can see that.

That is why when I work here in my workplace, even though I have so many work yet never complaining. I had to put in my mind that I am so blessed because this job is a blessing from God and I have to work for it, and the best secret for that is work for the glory of God so that you will be happy and satisfied. God bless you all...!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I want to See This Scary Crocodile Too

My cousins went to Singapore on All Saint's day, and they are still there until n0w. The image you see was taken from their trip to the Crocodile farm in Singapore. That croc is so scary, but I wanna see him too. Maybe when I win in any of the Online casinos, or black jack, but problem is, I do not play them.. hehehe

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Love

Some people afraid to love and to be love. Just like me I have so many times experienced failure about love. Maybe its because I am not grow up with my family. I have my brother and sister but we grow up in our different relatives. That is why in terms of relationship with my opposite sex I am afraid.

As I imagine the title of my blog A Perfect World, only the world is perfect but love it can't. Yet we encounter happiness and sadness. But as I realized if there is LOVE in your heart it is easy to give to the people around you. But I had one thing to learned also if you are nearer to God and trust HIM you can easy to give your love to the person who is not lovable because you realized that she or he is created by God and of course LOVE is a gift from God. God Blessed you all...!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

All Souls Day in the Philippines

Camping in the Cemetery (lol)
Pose...!!!! with my cousins......


pose....!!! with my nephew.... he so lovable......
We celebrated all souls day here in our place, mostly people going to cemetery to visit there love ones who pass away and of course we join together telling some memories ( Lol). How sweet when we remember our love ones who pass away specially their legacy of love. Just like me my father died when I was six years old and I grow up in a big family.
although he can't saw me anymore how I grew up now. But by the grace and love of God I am a better person now. How I missed my father so much.
Look at my aunt, uncle, cousin, nieces and nephew there in the picture they visit also the grave of my lola and lolo (grandmother and grandfather) and I knew they missed also their parent even they have family already. This is a tradition of a Filipino people they value the love of their family. God bless you all.