Saturday, November 13, 2010

Work For the Glory of God

A reward of my work.........!!!! Happppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....................!!!!!!

Have you notice when you are working for how many years in you workplace? You can feel tired, boring, and sometimes you can feel that you have to resign already because its so tiring. But remember there is a secret for that so you can enjoy and enjoy serving your client. First things to do is you have to remember, you have a good health, you have a complete eyes, a complete hand, a complete feet and of course you are blessed than other people because you have work and its a blessing from God. Because in this world there is people who are not blessed just observe your surroundings you can see that.

That is why when I work here in my workplace, even though I have so many work yet never complaining. I had to put in my mind that I am so blessed because this job is a blessing from God and I have to work for it, and the best secret for that is work for the glory of God so that you will be happy and satisfied. God bless you all...!!!!

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