Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear Reader,

Today is October 25, 2010 a barangay election here in the Philippines, as one of employee of the department education we are serving as a support staff for two days already. We sleep here in the office together with my office mate waiting for the result, tired but enjoy and this evening is the challenging night coz the result well be declare who is the leader of our every barangay.

I write this letter so that the people who may read this. That they aware what is the election important for our country now, to think that many people who was discouraged already that the election here in the Philippines are very negative. But reminder to all. We don't know that there is also a leader who has a good intention to serve there country, but because of the negative situation they are included already. And to the people also who was elected to be a leader please be honest serve by the glory of God try to serve honestly and lovingly just like a love of your family. Remember this is country we have to preserve this because this our nest and there is no Philippines anymore. God bless you all.

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