Tuesday, December 14, 2010


when the technology was not on the go....whaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!!!

I can not imagine the so many years had past where communications were so slow and so naive.I remember when I was still young when we visited Camiguin the place is very quiet you can not hear any electronic device being used in the area. When the night time comes, it is so dark because we do not have electricity at all. If anyone want to contact anybody, one will make a letter then have it sent through a snail mail. Another fastest way is the telegram which do not also reach on time sometimes, or the wordings made sometimes has plenty of mistakes. Sending money is just like sending letters too. Radio as a means of communication is a joy to everyone that time. people use batteries to let the radio on. The radio is a very entertaining device to all the people during that time. Music,drama, news and anything possible in the radio is very much accepted by the public. 

Then the generation today......!!!! Instant..!!!! just like noodles when you cook. Sending a message for everybody its only minutes see...how our technology now. The courting time its also instant...lol..!!!!. All is instant  that is why I wish I could have a new cellphone for me to experience also using my blog through cellphone who has a high capacity to explore in the net. because my cellphone that I used now is  very old already coz I bought this product way back 2004 so its almost 6 years. I want to have Modern cellphone  just like a Nokia C7. Well I try to continue praying for this. hope my prayer would be answer. God bless you all.

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