Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Faces of Nature

Have you  notice that every countries blessed by nature?  I noticed it when I went to other places  and symbolize also that God love us  and because of this we have to take care of His creation. We  mus be aware for this we well not be selfish.

When I am alone in my house and seeing the beauty of the trees and there is no pollution I am relax. True to our feelings nature is very relaxing. Listen to the singing of the birds the beauty of the swaying daffodils neither you nor I can't deny the peace it can bring to all of us.

When you can feel the color of the wind when you can touch freshness of the air...You will experience lightness that all the burdens of life are gone. So this I tell you enjoy the moment if you still can. Then love  nature sincerely. Protect her as you can, so that it will last till there is you.... God bless...!!!

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