Friday, December 3, 2010

Counting the Blessings

my officemate...!!!!

Since Christmas is coming  there are plenty of blessings. There is bonus, and the coming additional bonus. But sad...!!!!! huhuhuhu..!!!!! coz mostly of our officemate here including me did not enjoy that blessing all was sold out already last year hahahaha...The lesson I learn for this. When you spent your money just enough for your salary do not over spent beyond your capacity. You have to save it for the future. I remember Just what happened me last year I was sick and I don't know where to get money for the expenses for hospital bills but God is awesome He never live me. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and   for sending angel to me I solved my problem although there are some people I owe but in the near future I will pay for them. All I have to do is continue working, counting the blessing and of course thanking Him for doing my life blessed specially good health. To the people there that you felt that you are pity already just count your blessing and of course your life. Remember all in this world we are not the owner but only our creator so you have no reason to say that you are pity because we are just only temporary on this world. In other words we are just only "TRANSIENT " God bless you all....

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