Saturday, November 6, 2010

All Souls Day in the Philippines

Camping in the Cemetery (lol)
Pose...!!!! with my cousins......


pose....!!! with my nephew.... he so lovable......
We celebrated all souls day here in our place, mostly people going to cemetery to visit there love ones who pass away and of course we join together telling some memories ( Lol). How sweet when we remember our love ones who pass away specially their legacy of love. Just like me my father died when I was six years old and I grow up in a big family.
although he can't saw me anymore how I grew up now. But by the grace and love of God I am a better person now. How I missed my father so much.
Look at my aunt, uncle, cousin, nieces and nephew there in the picture they visit also the grave of my lola and lolo (grandmother and grandfather) and I knew they missed also their parent even they have family already. This is a tradition of a Filipino people they value the love of their family. God bless you all.

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