Thursday, October 15, 2009


Big Waves-Exciting site very inviting but be careful...........

The water is calm - a very nice time to enjoy with family and friends

Looking at the waves is so amazing.Waves dancing to and fro, kissed by the golden rays of sun, its never ending roll on the shore, its sounds roaring like a song create an exciting feeling silently by just watching it quietly.

In our place we can see waves always around the island. Waves when its smallest people enjoys the beautiful waters of the sea. You'll see people of all ages swim all over the waters with smiles on thier faces and joy in thier hearts.The happiness that the waves bring is really great.But when the peaceful little waves grows into big ones,it frightens everybody. Definitely no swimming specially for children.People are afraid because so many tragic stories that happened before because of the big waves.Many people cannot cross the channel the fact that we are in an island because of the big waves.But brave ones pursue to cross the channel as long as there is a boat permitted by the coasguard to cross.But along the way they'll experience what they call maybe thier worst encounter of the big waves, that others promises many things to the Lord only thier lives will be spared.

People living along the shore brace themselves for the worst might come specially during the night time. Big waves make them always awake.It prevent them from sleeping. They are even having turns to sleep and watch so that they are sure that somebody is watching when some of them are sleeping.

Moreover, people are afraid of big waves might become a tsunami (God forbid).

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  1. i like Camiguin...i wish i can go there....