Friday, October 9, 2009

My Pad

My bed enjoy sleeping...

Flashback...............!!!! remembering the time when I was new in Camiguin Island, where I have to start my work, that time I was so young and I cant decided were I stay. But God guided me, our schools division superintendent was the one taking care of me (she pass away now) and acting like my mother imagined my boss and me together in one house. Sometimes work in the office should bring in the house so hard, so I decided to leave my boss to stay in the pad alone. I thought before I could not stand in my own, but in a way I am so happy because I felt that I am free. So I can entertained my visitors already from other places who want to visit me in a beautiful island in Camiguin. So for now I am ten years already in this pad where my cousins and my friends in different places stay in this pad, even its small they enjoyed here so much. Now that I am ok so back to my pad again.

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