Thursday, October 8, 2009

Human Versus Nature

Revenge of the Nature.....

if this kind of trees planted in your surrounding..maybe flood could not happen.

I have a story and maybe if the people can read this they well realized.

Once a upon a time God made a Perfect World. He puts everything so that human well enjoy it. God command to human that they well take care His creation. So human agreed about that they take care the world they enjoy everything the food, beautiful surrounding, the fruit and everything in the world that God created.

One day human bored, they want to start damaged the world, they build a big building, factories, not only that they throw garbage everywhere, they cut trees, until the nature is crying already. They had nothing to do because they have no hands to battle this human. Because the nature is always crying flood is happen. Now the nature said " this is my revenge to all the human in the world because you don't take care of us" huhuhuhu..well this is the end of my story.. so funny but its true..hope we are one concern about our nature so flood it well not happen everywhere. Just start planting trees now.

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