Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conceited Philippines

Philippines is a very beautiful country.It is the only English speaking country in the east.The only christian country too. It has a beautiful and friendly climate. The people are mixture of the prettiest people on earth.

Philippines is blessed with more than seven thousand amazing islands with captivating mountain views. Exciting waters, like the lagoons, cold springs, hotsprings,the seas, the rivers and the cascading water falls. This are all for everybody to enjoy.

People of the Philippines are very talented. They can easily adjust to other nationalities. They are able to embrace and well blend with other people. Many Filipino talent are known globaly.The likes of Manny Paquiao the best boxer in the world today. Lea Salonga International Singer. Charice Pempengco child singer that amaze the world with her talent in singing. Arnel Penida another singer.

Filipino people are very brave. We fought for our independence since time in memorial. We fought againts the Spaniards, the Americans and the Japanese during the world war II.

Philippine culture is superb. Filipinos are very hospitable.We make our visitors feel at home. We make them feel very comfortable as can be.We have a very close family ties. We help our family in whatever way we can.When our parents becomes old we let them stay in our home and serve them the best way we can.

Come, see, feel and experience our conceited Philippines.!

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