Friday, October 9, 2009

I Miss my Place Where I Work

Camiguin Island, Mantigue Tree

Part of Camiguin Island..Jogging in the Morning..I miss this already.
Ardent Spring in Camiguin Island..its a hot water.
some view of Camiguin Island, Philippines
My Favorite white Sand in camiguin
Volcano in Camiguin

Cold spring in Camiguin

Missed this all...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few weeks left, I well go back to my place where I work again. And I really missed the green surroundings, the mountains, and of course the clear water in the sea, the fresh breeze of the air, and of course the white sand, climbing in the trees just like a kids. How I wish I could enjoy that again.

Since the days is very past, I am so excited that day again, because I can see and talk to my office mate I can share them about what happen in my life when I was here in Cagayan plus I miss my work already. See you soon.........

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