Monday, October 5, 2009

I want to be new

I can't imagined the time when I was out and end to the hospital and roaming around the Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City. Imagine 3 months I was end and out in the hospital, and If I remember that I could not imagined how I survived that all. And I am sure I survived that because I know God well never leave me, and there are time that I am so weak already and I felt that I could die because of my situation. Now I am already okey even though God allowing to get some of my organs in my body so that I well be okey. Well if that is the procedure so that I continue serving Him. Why should I question Him. The truth is, He is the owner of our life I am just only borrowing this life to Him. So for now, I am waiting for my complete healing so that I could start my new life again. Life that I have so many things to learned that in this world we are all nothing, we are here in this world for His glory, and this is not our permanent place but the truth is, we are only transient in this world. So reminder for everybody just love the people sorround you...God bless you all...!!!!

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