Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to my Work Again

Picture infront in our office....Pose....!!!!!

I felt so happy last Tuesday I'll back my work again. And I'm glad that I saw all my officemate who are happy to see me that I am okey again. But to my surprised there is new in my workplace, Our office is already nice and new. I remember last month of July that I always confined in the hospital then our schools division superintendent approach to repair our office.

From then on I was not able to see our office. Now, it is cool and more condusive for working. Specially in my case who is newly operated. But may be it is just normal for those who are like me, who have stopped for a while from work, because, for now I am still pulling parts so I can really go back to normal activities just like before. I am adjusting my day today work. Thanks God I think I am doing well, though at times I fell the pain somewhere in my abdomen.More so when I think about my loans because of my series of hospitalization before I was operated. Even my friends will tell me it is alrigth. That I will just take this things easy, but may be because I am just human thier are times that I feel uneasy and uncomftable. Because of this, I ask my friends to help pray for me and I hope everybody too will do so.Yes, life is sometimes tough but this I always remember, "When the going gets tough, we must trust the Lord more" because only in His hands we will find true happiness.

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