Monday, November 28, 2011

Molding Our Student

For me they are all the winners...!!!!
A unique art for the student!!!

I had been working in the department of education for almost 13 years. Since I belong to a non teaching staff our role in the office is to support our immediate superior any documentation paper to be encoded and one of that is to lay out the certificate for the award of the teacher and I really enjoyed it. Specially if there is contest and seminar we are all the side of our immediate superior. For my curiosity one of the contest I really appreciated that I noticed is the (STEP Competition) STEP means "Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines-Skills Development and Competition" this contest happen every year since I  love nature I really admire those student who make dish gardening. When I saw them it seems that they are professional already knowingly that it is a contest for a student who is in the secondary. Their hand is full of art they made a unique art of a nature and when I see them so amazing. To the student who attends this contest I salute you for your unique talent continue this because this is your stepping stone for your future.

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