Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teachers' Day Celebration

During our Teachers' Day Celebration...!!!!

Today is a World Teachers’ Day Celebration. I salute all the teachers’ of the world without them there is no professional people in the world. To my teachers since kindergarten, “Mam thank you for teaching me how to read abc and molding me how to gained my knowledge”. Teaching profession is not easy just imagine here our country in one room one teacher in 40 students and I can’t imagine how this teacher teach there student one by one, the patience that they have and of course the love. Not only that, there are lot of student also that they need love and advise so again another work of the teacher the time also they reserved for their student. To all the teachers’ in the world we know that your work is noble, continue this because you’re the hope of our nation. Happy Teachers’ Day..!!!!

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