Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Are Buddies

Don't believe they are tired...!!! it seems they look happy..!!! a wacky pose..!!!!!!!!!

The center wearing black shirt  is  flower pot in the sunset...!!!!

I remembered this picture months ago the moment we went to Dakak having our educational tour.That time we are all excited. As I explore this different picture downloaded by one of my officemate it is very  unforgetable moments to us. During our break time in the office our unwinding moments is to take a look our picture downloaded in the facebook. For me it's only a picture but there is a significant of our whole being a symbol of closeness here in our work place. We forgot all our stress and we flashback in our mind how excited and comfortable we are. I hope next year the buddies well bonding together again in other place. 

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